Review of Lexington Health and Rehabilitation Center

2 Star User Review

This place deserves a #2 Rating due to its below-average, inattentive and impersonal care, especially from the nursing staff. While the # of staff present seems adequate, they're simply not routinely providing for the most basics needs of their patients, including my dear friend. For example, family members have had to: empty patient's bedpan/urinal; seek out clean linens & ice; etc. Requests for pain meds (including RX) are not promptly followed up on. Patient advocacy is nonexistent; and social work/caseworker services are completely inadequate, especially re: discharge planning. (A caseworker is only available during specified times two days/week; and when asked on one of those days for assistance with discharge planning/in-home services, that individual simply provided a handout listing approximately 30 possible resources for family members to contact.) Supposedly a physician is available at all times, but the family never saw one over the course of several days & visiting at different times. Thus, some specific medical questions/concerns related to the individual patient & rehab progress remained unanswered. If you have any other viable rehab option for a loved one or yourself, please take them--or go--there.