Review of Avante at St Cloud Inc

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My Aunt, who is like a second mother to me, is at this nursing home now and I have to say the best thing we did for her was move her to Avante over a year ago. She was in another nursing home and we didn't like it so we moved her an we are happy now.

My question to the person that said their mother was there for 10 months is if you weren't happy why didn't you move her to another nursing home if you thought it was so bad.

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Because of their neglect my Mother is dead. Yeah really great place to put a loved one.

Because there were no other places available.We had her on a waiting list for somewhere else.Believe me we saw and heard things and when we made reports nothing was ever done.They are not the place to put a loved one.I called so many other places but they didnt have a place for her.