Review of Clyde E Lassen State Veterans Nursing Home

5 Star User Review

My dad has been there since it opened and we all (dad and our family) could not be happier. It is a beautiful place - clean and very friendly. The staff is excellent, especially the physical and occupational therapists, and the nursing staff in his wing (400 block). Even the receptionists are terrific- helpful and friendly. They have a great recreational program and they try very hard to match my dad up with like-experienced others - my dad was a successful business executive (as well as a decorated war vet) and while there is a wide range of social backgrounds represented here, it is wide so the staff is attentive to putting like-experienced people together. The only thing really in need of improvement is the food (bland and not great) and lack of internet/wi-fi or cell service. It makes visiting difficult for family who live far away but who would like to connect via Skype while others are also visiting dad - something not possible now. Lassen: Please get Wifi!!!!!