Review of Riverchase Health and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

My mother was recovering from a mild stroke. The staff appeared very attentive at first to her care, but after a week, she was not able to get a comfortable bed, not able to get an oxygen concentrator and the food options were terrible. She is a diabetic on kidney dialysis and they would bring her mashed potatoes, ice cream, sloppy joes, port and other salty foods. Things she should not eat. When she refused, she would get a "sandwich" with bread, dry turkey and water. Her blood sugar was checked irregularly and was always high, so she was given insulin instead of better meal choices, very bad for her kidneys. Her physical therapist pushed and pushed her and didn't check her pulse-oxygen as they should have and gave her oxygen. Instead they complained she wasn't participating, she was litterally out of breath due to a permanent lung disease. When we attempted to correct these issues, we were consoled but nothing changed. On a regular basis during our 30 days of stay, she was transported down the street to dialysis with another patient. There were days she was left at the facility or left at dialysis, due to the transportation driver's work hours, and not taken to dialysis, i had to leave my job to get her to/from dialysis. Lastly the nursing staff seemed knowledgeable however the level of "i'm better than you" attitude left much to be desired. Because my mother and I would ask questions and ask them to come and administer her medications after dialysis that she had missed, go to the restroom, get a decent meal, we got a lot of pushback from the nurses. It wasn't until the nursing supervisor of the facility returned from leave that we saw things start to change. But we left soon after for another facility for fear of staying here was not facilitating her condition and overall health getting better. They just wanted to do the minimum.