Review of Solaris Healthcare Plant City

2 Star User Review

As another reviewer said, there were some good employees there and some not so good. My relative was in the Rehab unit. The Physical Therapy Dept. was great as was the Social Work Dept. I think where the main problem lies is in the fact that the facility hires only to meet State Standards, as do most other facilites, I assume. There are not nearly enough aides to meet the needs of the patient, therefore your loved one may wait up to 20 minutes for help to the bathroom.

I felt that the nurses I came in contact were very knowledgable and competant. Most of them truly cared for the patients, but they aren't the ones who do the daily care. And most of the aides were fine. There were a few who didn't seem to care about anything except putting in their time. More aides need to be hired to meet the needs of the patients.

In my opinion, I would not recommend anyone leave their loved ones here.