Review of Southern Oaks Care Center

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My mom was recommended to a nursing home, Southern Oaks in Pensacola, FL. for "rehabilitation" purposes. In the two weeks she was there she hallucinated the entire time, (was not hallucinating before she was admitted nor does she have Dementia or Alzheimer's) they lost a lot of clothes, lost glasses, lost a blanket, and another patient rolled into my mom's room and my sister asked, is that my mom's shirt on that patient?” They checked the tag and sure enough it was her shirt. My mom was left in her soiled diaper, so much so that it soaked through her clothes (#1 & #2). The only doctor she has seen is a general physician and maybe a psychiatrist. In the 2 weeks she was in the home, she only seen the general physician one time, for a few short minutes. My sister and I asked numerous times to speak with the physician that seen her. They told my sister to come back the next morning and she could speak with the doctor, who turned out to be a psychiatrist and he did not know who my mom was, why she was there or state of health. She is in the home for rehabilitation due to a bad liver, not depression. Why did they send a psychiatrist to speak to my sister concerning my mother’s health? When my sister questioned the nurse about the general physician, she was told, "There are 200 patients in this building and he comes once a week. He is hard to get a hold to" or something of that nature but that is the gist of the response that she received. Why does this facility have only one doctor for 200 patients and is only required to come one day a week? If the work load is that hard on him that he can't even take time to speak with the patients family, don't you think they should look into hiring two doctors? When I walked into the nursing home on Wednesday, 09/10/14 the first thing I saw was two nurses going at it in the hall way. Yelling at each other, while other employees were telling them to be quiet, that didn't stop them, they just kept on yelling. I took her out of the nursing home and to the ER on my own accord. The ER explained to me that her ammonia levels were up and that she needs to be admitted. The next day Baptist took 2 liters of fluid out of her stomach. They are now trying to do everything they can to get her mental state back to normal again. I don't understand why it took my sister and I to notice that my mom needed to seek medical treatment. Why did the team of highly trained staff NOT notice anything? We told them numerous times that her behavior was in no way, shape, or form normal for her. I was treated badly when discussing the poor treatment of my mother with staff. They did not take proper care of my mother and I do not understand why no one cared to fix the situation and why I was being treated like a criminal. Southern Oaks was more concerned with protecting the staff and management team then they were my mother. This has been the worst experience. I am going to do whatever it takes to have this facility thoroughly investigated. I feel bad for the patients who do not have loved ones to come check on them. I know they are being treated poorly. This is a very sad situation for our loved ones who are unable to care for themselves. Do our elders not deserve dignity and respect?