Review of Solaris Healthcare Pensacola

4 Star User Review

This facility literally killed my grandmother. Less than twenty four hours after being checked in,1-2014 (from Baptist hospital), I came to visit, only to find her in respiratory failure. After searching the facility for her nurse (there was no call button on my grandmother's bed--it was UNDER the bed--on the floor!) she leisurely checked her vitals, called for the doctor, then he just kept calling my grandmother's name…like she was deaf. I explained to him, that she is NORMALLY just as responsive as we are and that how she is right now (lethargic, clammy, hunched over, non responsive) wasn't normal. After an hour of my arrival, the doctor finally called the ambulance where she was rushed to Sacred Heart and diagnosed with "respiratory failure." My grandmother was put on a ventilator to assist in the recovery process. Unfortunately, it was too late. She passed two weeks later, when the tube was removed. She couldn't breath on her own. Who knows what would have happened should this facility had done their job. Why, after being discharged from the PCU, for long-term treatment, was she at the END of the hall, with no nurse within calling distance. Sad part is…when I found her, someone set her up on a nebulizer treatment. That idiot, whomever that is, COULD have saved her!! Nebulizer treatments don't last but 20 minutes tops, and it was still full when I got there. Least that idiot could have done, was make sure she had her call button, but apparently, that's asking too much. Please, don't take your loved ones here. Learn from my misfortune. I have to live everyday knowing that my grandmother was neglected, had I been there sooner, maybe, just maybe, I'd be able to wrap my arms around her today. Instead, I have a photo. It was not her time, she shouldn't have had to suffer. RIP Nannie xxoo