Review of Countryside Rehab and Healthcare Center

1 Star User Review

i was brought to countryside rehab in march,from being transfered over by via van from morton plant hospital after accident, in my stay at rehab, i experienced not pleasant conditions and care… the second day at my stay ,physical therapist was to busy on phone to watch short note result falling over…hours later did hit the ground and having dr care or any immediate pain relief was non existant at best done was few xrays,..and results of fall started a case of arthritis in a severely broken leg , and to a separate issue my lower dentures was mistakingly confused as garbage with food tray and thrown out,…and the rehab center has arranged for dentist work to replace dentures,..and im process which has taken better than 3 months to replace ,..having a lateral affect causing further damage to my digestive system,..and a choke hazard but yet no teeth rating my stay as less than 1.