Review of Grand Oaks Health and Rehabilitation Center

5 Star User Review

my mom (85) has been at Grand Oaks for 4 months after a bad leg fracture. when she first arrived i would have to agree with some other reviewers, her roommate was loud, confused and prone to episodes of throwing things, the day nurse was very condescending, basically ignored patient and family and the aides didn't seem to care much at all (every request was "an effort" and one actually told my mom if she didn't like it here why doesn't she leave?" HOWEVER, after a room change, she had the best nurse ever (Deanna). ( i've been a nurse 40 yrs.. i know). this woman was on top of everything, healed up a lingering wound, addressed every concern promptly, was caring and supportive. The aides under her followed her lead and were very helpful and kind. The rehab PT (Marta) is OFF THE CHARTS good. she is just amazing!!!, always upbeat, encouraging..just goes that extra mile day after day. Mom had a couple physical set backs during her recovery and if it wasn't for the support she received at Grand Oaks things would not have gone as well as they did. Also have praise for house cleaning (floors shine, no odors), dietary that does their best and administration that addressed issues quickly and efficiently. i would highly recommend Grand Oaks.