Review of Life Care Center of Orlando

2 Star User Review

My mother, who suffers from Moderate Alzheimers and Parkinsons, was transferred directly from the Hospital to this institution mostly to have both medical and rehabilitation care due to hyperosmolar coma. Facility: in great shape and very clean Admission: Took 1-2 hours before a nurse could come in a rush. Left us with many questions unanswered and waited for her as per her advise, but never came back. Had to call Marketing Liasion, talk to several people and go to the Nursing Station several times. Nursing: We did not feel safe enough to leave her unattended, since she was obtunded still and had to bring a private attendant to help with feedings and supervision (questioning whether she was really a good candidate for that place or not). She had a fall the second night, due to inappropriate height of bed. Diet: Unable to speak to dietitian, sugar levels poorly controlled. Therapy (Physical, speech, occupational); great Finally: got a call that my mother was restless in the evening and we needed to bring someone to do 1:1 care for her since they were not equipped to take care of those situtations. As a family, we have been there daily. Has not been a good place for her, unfortunately. Wondering, are all nursing homes the same way? This is our first experience.