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Went to this facility 4 days after back surgery.

Walked in on my own, no one seemed to care.

Showed me my room with a very nice lady who used an oxygen machine

that made a god awful noise. There were empty rooms down the hall.

When all but the night staff was left, I asked them to give me my pain medicine so I could get some sleep.

I was told they were "working on it." No one came to help me get in or out of the bed or bathroom.

Finally I told them if I didn't get my pain pill and my muscle relaxer , I was

Out of here. They came up with someone's pain pill . They handed it to me

with no water to swallow it.

I asked them about the machine that my roommate used and told them that there were empty rooms. I said that I wanted to be moved.

After that I saw no one.

At 11PM , the night I arrived, I called my husband to come and get me.

I walked past the night crew and told them I was leaving.

I guess they didn't believe me until I opened the front door, and an alarm

went off through the building.

Only then did someone come out and ask what I was doing.

I told them I was leaving, the same way I came in, under my own power.

I called the next day to retrieve my prescriptions.

I got the run a round, but told them my husband would be over to pick them


Since then I spoke to someone who deals with this facility.

They said new patients often don't get their pain meds the same day

they come in.

PEOPLE: I had back surgery 4 days before, pain meds are necessary

at that point.

If you're in pain, or need help, DON'T GO HERE.

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Thank you for your feedback. Please know that we take all concerns seriously. We welcome all feedback as we are always looking for areas we can improve upon. Our Careline is available to anyone (family, resident or employee) to have any concerns, complaints or grievances addressed. This Careline is located at Signature’s home office in Louisville, Kentucky. We have shared your message with our Careline; however, if you wish to discuss this further, please call our Careline at (888) 392-8886 or email us at or give us the best number to reach you. Sincerely – Signature HealthCARE