Review of Signature Healthcare of Palm Beach

1 Star User Review

Went to this facility 4 days after back surgery.

Walked in on my own, no one seemed to care.

Showed me my room with a very nice lady who used an oxygen machine

that made a god awful noise. There were empty rooms down the hall.

When all but the night staff was left, I asked them to give me my pain medicine so I could get some sleep.

I was told they were "working on it." No one came to help me get in or out of the bed or bathroom.

Finally I told them if I didn't get my pain pill and my muscle relaxer , I was

Out of here. They came up with someone's pain pill . They handed it to me

with no water to swallow it.

I asked them about the machine that my roommate used and told them that there were empty rooms. I said that I wanted to be moved.

After that I saw no one.

At 11PM , the night I arrived, I called my husband to come and get me.

I walked past the night crew and told them I was leaving.

I guess they didn't believe me until I opened the front door, and an alarm

went off through the building.

Only then did someone come out and ask what I was doing.

I told them I was leaving, the same way I came in, under my own power.

I called the next day to retrieve my prescriptions.

I got the run a round, but told them my husband would be over to pick them


Since then I spoke to someone who deals with this facility.

They said new patients often don't get their pain meds the same day

they come in.

PEOPLE: I had back surgery 4 days before, pain meds are necessary

at that point.

If you're in pain, or need help, DON'T GO HERE.