Review of Lake Placid Health and Rehabilitation Center

5 Star User Review

My father in law was admitted to this facility in preparation for getting him and my mother in law into Assisted Living. Unfortunately, he declined rapidly and was never able to enter Assisted Living. My mother in law - in her dedication - put her own health in jeopardy and before long, she, too was a patient in Lake Placid. Sadly, just two weeks after she was admitted, my father in law passed away. The staff rallied around my mother in law and held her afloat for a month until we were able to move her to NC with us.

We can't say enough wonderful things about the staff, medical providers, social workers and - of course, Betty, the receptionist! What wonderful people who made a terribly difficult long distance situation for us bearable.

My mother in law is with us now, but I must admit - I do miss the folks at Lake Placid Rehab!

The Whitlocks