Review of Woodland Grove Health & Rehabilitation Center

2 Star User Review

My mother was admitted to this facility for rehab after her surgery and they were not following the doctors orders in terms of number of theraphy sessions per day, they weren't bringing her ice as the doctor ordered, they weren't elevating her leg and she only got one bath per week, when the doctor said it should be three times/week. Also, the phone system often didn't work and they were leaving her on her own to try to make it to the toilet, when she was just three days from the surgery.

I'm giving them two stars, instead of 1, or zero, because when we requested the assistance, she got it. My mom also thought the therapists were nice and she seemed to enjoy some activities made available to her. So, as long as you can stay on them to properly assist you, you will fare OK. My Mom's doctor said that he will not be recommending this facility to his patients anymore, based on my Mom's answers to his questions.