Review of Harts Harbor Health Care Center

1 Star User Review

I rate Harts Harbor a zero !!! This place needs to be shut down !! it is filthy un sanitary and should not be billed as a rehab . I was forced by insurance to have my mother stay here what a nightmare. My first impression was something out of a horror film. Yelling in the distant by some unseen mental patient. The strong stench of urine. The room was depressing and shabby and gross!! no phone and no tv. unless you bring it yourself from home. Same for telephone. if you want a phone you must have bellsouth come in and you must pay for installation and phone service. Forget about bringing your cellphone. service is spotty. Probably so people cant call for help. patients are strip search and items must be logged as if you were in jail. I forgot to tell you about the shadow boxer. yes shadow boxer who is a menicing looking guy who walks around freely shadow boxing and giving everyone dirty looks. The food looks gross. This place is depressing and gloomy !! I feel terrible for the people whos families have dumped them there or cannot afford a better palce. This facility is terrible. Dont send your loved ones there. Some of the staff is nice and others lets just say are not. If need oxygen better order it ahead because they will forget all about you !!