Review of Terrace Health & Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

I had opted to have my husband place at this facility after a long hospital stay. At first glance I felt that this was a positive decision my on my part and my husband would get the care he needed in order to come home.

The daytime personnel were very friendly and caring however the after hours personnel seemed almost hostile when I called and questioned them about their care or requested to check on my husband. As days turned into nights, I realized that my husband was not given his medicine and was having trouble breathing as a result of this. My husband called me to request I bring his medicine from home and I did so. Talking to the nighttime nurse I pointed out to her that this was supposed to be given on a daily basis and she could not have been more hostile telling me that I had no right to administer medicine to him that they had not given for a full 8 days. Making matters worse they let him fall causing trauma to his ribs (according to the hospital he had to re-admitted to) and upon being admitted to hospital, they actually took pictures of the bedsore the facility failed to treat or prevent. I can only suggest to Woodlands that they look closely at their overnight personnel and reinforce to them that they, the overnight personnel actually have a job to do. It is unforgivable that they overlooked the basics and neglected to provide the care and dignity each patient deserves when they put their well being under their care. This facility is clean and cheerful however the you would to well to check on what happens after the lights go out