Review of Nspire Healthcare Plantation

2 Star User Review

The care is average, I would say. I would have liked to have known that most of the floor nurses are LPN's and only the nurse floor supervisor is a registered nurse. The nurses are caring, for the most part. However, my family member has a PEG feeding tube and many of the nurses do not seem to be familiar with or knowledgeable with the feeding tube and how it works. The PEG tube has been clogged twice in the last 5 days because the food was not changed quickly enough. My family member has to constantly remind staff to plug her wound VAC in. Twice in the last week the wound VAC was left unplugged and stopped completely for who knows how long until I or another family member realized and reported it. Additionally, the dressing on my family member's surgical wound was not changed for almost a week and a half (and there was no date on it). It is supposed to be changed every two days (M, W, & F), but was not. This issue is being investigated, but the administrative staff has been very defensive over this. I am in the process of seeing about having my family member transferred to another facility.