Review of Tamarac Rehabilitation and Health Center

1 Star User Review

Some of the staff is attentive but that does not outweigh the overall pitiful attention given to patients. Allegedly this place is a rehab center yet it is full of elderly people needing skilled attention which simply does not happen. Getting anything, from a bedpan to a wheelchair to linens, is impossible. I have a relative housed there for rehab and he needs assistance going to and from the bathroom. Ring the nurse call and be prepared to wait 20 or 30 minutes before a response. Even then, they are rude and want to know, "why are you bothering me." This is especially true of the night shift. Lazy and disrespectful while standing around watching TV in the family areas. And the place smells. I have found blood discharge on door jams and walls. Patients can come and go as they wish - no locks on the doors. The parking lot is totally dark at night. A very gross place and I will not ever go there again.