Review of Ft Lauderdale Health & Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

I'm a healthcare provider and have visited this facility many times over the past 2 years. Their quality of care is very poor. They are understaffed and the level of medical knowledge by the staff is far below par from first hand experience. The patient to staff ratio is beyond poor and every time I've visited this facility, Ft. Lauderdale Health and Rehab, the patient is in a very high level of distress. The staff always claims "This just started 10 minutes ago" yet the condition is always so severe that there's no way it could have only started 10 minutes ago. It's because they don't check their patients enough and don't want to admit the patient has been suffering for hours and they just now noticed. They are never aware of the patient's medical conditions and are clueless when it comes to passing on vital info about the patient to healthcare providers that need that info to better treat and care for the patient. I'd never allow anyone close to me to ever stay at this facility. Obviously it's difficult in South Florida to find a nursing home that gives quality care, but this is definitely one to avoid!