Review of Villa Health & Rehabilitation Center

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Today is April 11, 2013. My mother has been at Woodland Terrace for 8 days now.

She had a tia/stroke on Saturday March 30,2013. She was admitted to Deland Hospital where she stayed until Wednesday the 3rd. She's been gone now from her home for 13 days and she's not had one bath or hair wash since she left her home. She's been wearing the same personal night gown for 7 days now. I am not able to get to her on a daily basis, but was assured she'd be taken care of. As of yesterday, her doctor had to put her on anti-biotics because she kept telling the staff that her roommate was opening the window and it was too cold for her. So now she's sick along with trying to recover.

There was also some incident about one of the food people, as mom calls them, that wouldn't allow her to go into the dining room. I called and spoke to her nurse two days ago and was assured I'd get a call back on what was really going on.

I'm one step away from contacting omni-budsman and the hotline for elderly abuse if things do not change ASAP.