Review of Parkside Health and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

If this place got a 5 star rating, it must have been based on a scale from 0 - 100. It is located in a major drug/crime zone of Deland. The staff is overworked into exhaustion. They are constantly hiring new employees to replace the ones who run out the door after a couple months of working there. This place takes the worst patients available to fill their beds. Screaming lunatics, dementia cases, and problem patients will keep most of the residents awake all night, and irritate them all day. The few sane patients constantly complain about noise, but management turns a deaf ear. Hint…do not visit this place on the first shift from 7 AM to 3PM. Instead, visit after 5 PM to get a REAL feel for how this lunatic asylum is really run. Meals are sub-standard gruel like we all endured in the high school cafeteria. Overworked Nurses must often care for 30+ patients on a shift with short-staffing and frequent call-offs. Many CNA's are lazy and patients will typically wallow in a diaper load of manure for over an hour before they get some attention. Call lights do not get answered many times because assigned personnel is goofing off in many hiding spots on the premises. Management runs this place with one vision…maximum profit. Patient care takes a far back seat as any recent or former employee will tell you.