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Beware! My Dad has COPD. In April 2015 he was admitted to the hospital for 11 days with double pneumonia. He was released to rehab due to weakness. Was there for approx. a week & had to return to the hospital due to C-Diff. In hospital for 5 days. Returned to rehab & was eventually moved to long term health care.

Thursday 12/31/15

Early morning visit with Dad. Noticed a cough. Dad said he was fine.

Friday 1/1/16

Dad's cough was worse. I called it to the nurse's attention. She stated she had not noticed it, but would keep an eye on it. She said she would order an X-ray of his chest, but X-ray only comes on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Also the Dr. should be at the facility today since he was not there yesterday. She knew he (the Dr.) had been on vacation so he should be coming in soon…though really not sure.

Saturday 1/2/16

My brother checked in on Dad. No Doctor.

Sunday 1/3/16

I picked Dad up for dinner. And noticed he was wheezing and cough was worse. We ended up coming back to DeBary Health & Rehab. I asked the nurse if Dr. was in. No. Had the Dr. seen him. No. But, he should be in tonight since she had not seen him. I requested to take my Dad to the emergency room. They said I could. At the emergency he was diagnosed with bronchitis and was prescribed an antibiotic & prednisone. The ER Dr. wanted Dad's Dr. to follow up in 2-3 days.

Shortly After his ER visit ( I can't remember the day.) PT came to get him for therapy & I refused it. They had no idea he had been at the ER & had bronchitis.

Wednesday 1/6/16

Still no Dr. follow up. Received same story- Dr. Should be in today since we have not seen him.

Thursday 1/7/16

I called DeBary Health & Rehab in the morning to see if the Dr. had seen my Dad. No. But, he should be there today. I informed the nurse that he needed to see a Dr. today since it was now 4 days since his ER visit. The nurse was going to fax the Dr. & inform him he needed to see my Dad. -I had been told that before. I ended up calling a pulmonologist in Deland & explained dad's situation. I scheduled him an appointment with Dr. on Tuesday 1/12/16. I received a phone call from DeBary Health & Rehab informing me the Dr. had finally seen my Father & added cough medicine to his regiment. I informed them I had made an appointment with the pulmonologist. They seemed shocked & annoyed.

Tuesday 1/12/16

Dad had finished his antibiotics a day or two ago. Was doing better, but now cough was returning. Pulmonologist prescribed a prednisone shot, prednisone pills, nose spray & a nebulizer- 3 xs a day AND as per needed.

Dad's condition was improving. We had a follow up visit with pulmonologist on 1/26/16

Tuesday 1/26/16

Dad informed me and the Dr. he NEVER received any nebulizer treatments. When we returned to DeBary Health & Rehab, I asked the nurse on duty if he had been getting his breathing txs. She said no. He never asked for it. I said he was suppose to have it 3xs a day. She said no- as needed & he never asked for it. We went back & forth. I finally gave up & said ok he has/had no idea what a nebulizer is or that he needed to ask for it. He is a 83yr old man with dementia in your care. He's not going to ask you for it. She informed me, " oh yes he does know exactly what he needs. He is more cognizant then I realize. He tells me all the time what he wants." At that point the other nurse next to her had looked up dad's orders on the computer & stated the script/orders were for 3xs a day AND as needed. I was then told he would get his nebulizer that evening.

Wednesday 1/27/16. My boyfriend checked with nurse that evening about if dad had received his breathing treatment & the nurse on duty was not aware. My boyfriend saw the log book and nothing had been logged in regarding dad receiving his treatment. She said he would get it tonight & seemed perturbed at him.

Thursday 1/28/16

My brother checked & he was finally receiving his treatments- though only 2 times a day.

Wednesday 2/3/16

I was washing my father's laundry when at the bottom of the basket I found a pair of his shorts doubled bagged in plastic. When I opened it up the stench of ammonia was overwhelming. It actually hurt my lungs. They felt burnt & I had to run out of the laundry room. It seems to me a) he had been allowed to "overuse " his diaper & was not changed like he should have been & b) obviously something is wrong with my dad to have such an extremely strong ammonia smell. It smelled like a bottle had been poured over his shorts.

I received a phone call from DeBary Health & Rehab - at 8:22 am informing me dad had been diagnosed with pneumonia. The Dr. was starting him on antibiotics. He did not feel well & wanted to stay in bed. I said I was on my way & also informed her about his urine/ammonia issue.

When I arrived at DeBary Health & Rehab, they had my father in physical therapy. When I found him he did not look good at all & said he felt very bad. They were taking his O2 level which was in the 80s. I immediately said no physical therapy. & went to the director of nursing & requested dad be taken to the hospital. She said ok & would notify the nurse's station. I asked if I could talk to her & began to explain everything above. She kept stating she was fully aware of it all. Her attitude was nonchalant. The look on her face was as if she did not care & I was bothering her. No compassion. No assurance that things would be corrected. As if she really did not care & I was out of line.

I drove my father to the hospital. He was admitted. They could not believe the story I told them & the care my father was NOT receiving.