Review of Braden River Rehabilitation Center LLC

1 Star User Review

Horrifying experience. Staff combative and resentful. In one week's time, my loved one lost 8 pounds, was fed food on their CANNOT EAT list, was forcibly restricted from standing or walking (spent entire time either in wheelchair by nurses station where they were completely ignored) else in bed. Personal items stolen. Physical care was shockingly bad, and when I expressed concern, I was told not to visit if it bothered me so much. Witnessed staff speaking threateningly to another patient; when I told the staff person they should not speak that way to a patient, they shrugged it off as joking around. The patient look terrified, as did other residents.

Only a couple seemingly good people working there, the rest seemed resentful of having to actually do any work.

If you can place your loved one somewhere else… do it.

I tried to give zero stars… won't go less than 2.