Review of Boynton Beach Rehabilitation Center

4 Star User Review

At first glance, you'll notice a clean, well maintained facility. The entrance and grounds are very well maintained and the atrium garden is a very popular place to relax and enjoy the sun and fresh air.

As you enter the facility, the lobby is more like a hotel than a medical care facility. That makes sense because part of the mission of this place is long-term residential care.

There's a lot of activity during the day and you'll see a lot of smiling faces.

My mother-in-law tried a number of facilities. BBRC is not only convenient to where we live but it's always getting better. They really listen to your suggestions and want to get to the point where every review is 5 stars.

Here's what impressed us:

1. Infection control - they are really serious about this. It shows! We haven't had one problem since she was admitted.

2. Medical care - attentive nursing staff is proactive. We don't see problems turning into a crisis due to inattention.

3. Meals - it's not the Ritz, but very few complaints. Also, if you don't like what's being served, you can request an alternative. And, of course, you can call out and have food delivered.

4. Personal care - We've been impressed with the attention the staff gives to making sure mom is taking care of business. She looks great, all the time!

5. Physical Therapy - Mobility has a lot to do with participation and fighting depression. Mom is getting great PT so she can transfer better from bed to wheelchair to scooter and use her scooter to get around.

What could be better: Activities. Card games and more. Getting families involved with each other to help each other - let's face it, this step is a big one and it affects the whole family. Once thing is certain, visiting, engaging and caring really makes a difference for anyone who is looking at a long term residence in a nursing facility.

All-in-all we rate BBRH a 4+