Review of Encore at Boca Raton Rehabilitation and Nursing Continuing Education

1 Star User Review

This place is dangerous to seniors. Our dad had a stroke and ended up here for rehab and he was not treated well at all. Things started out okay, but then he got sick over a weekend. I called the nurses station and told them something was wrong with my dad and they did NOTHING. Then, on Monday he coded and they rushed him to the hospital where we were told he had a UTI and a pneumonia. Plus, he had a seizure, and possibly another stroke. After a few days he was returned to Whitehall and things went from bad to worse. My dad was angry and afraid so he struck a nurse - could you blame him after what had occurred? He is 80 though, and could not do much harm. Still they proceeded to drug him with antipsychotics and he became a vegetable and could barely speak. We complained, but that fell on deaf ears. My siblings and I live out of state so we were forced to hire a local care manager who went in and assessed the situation and she was so mortified that she insisted we get our father out of Whitehall as soon as possible. She also insisted they take our dad off the unnecessary drugs that had him in a complete stupor. We lost valuable post-stroke time because he regressed dramatically while being drugged. We found a local assisted living home nearby and have had none of the problems that existed at Whitehall, and thankfully our dad is now safe and can resume the therapy he needs. If you are considering this facility, make sure you can spend every moment with your loved one. Do not risk leaving an elderly person in their care unless you can be there constantly.