Review of Consulate Health Care at West Altamonte

1 Star User Review

I cannot begin to verbalize my complete contempt for this facility but I will give it a try! My relative was in for rehab but was placed on the longterm facility side which is the "ghetto" side of the building. Once you entered the residence halls, you are immediately greeted with the smell of urine and feces. I bought some deoderizer but was told that I could not keep it there according to MSDS guidelines. On several occasions, my relative sat in soiled diapers for over an hour and that was after we called the CNA for a diaper change so imagine the days when we were not there. My relative is a diabetic but the food that was on the plate was not what was on the menu. The "slum lord" that owns the facility doesn't have chairs for visitors, outdated decor (it looks like the "80's" threw up in the rooms). The assistants would barely communicate with my relative when they would change her and would just pull on her or move the bead without warning. I will say that there were a few great nurses and CNA's but the bad experiences FAR exceeded the good experiences. This place is severly understaffed, it is an attrocity to humanity to see how the elderly are treated at this facility. God help the patients trapped in this torcher chamber.