Review of Shipley Manor

3 Star User Review

My mother has been here for 2 years, in the independent living wing. The facility overall is clean and pleasant. Much of the staff is excellent. There is a welcoming atmosphere in the place. The food, however, rates only one star. It is tasteless, with the exception of breads and cookies. I think you get better food in a hospital! In some ways it may be as well that the food is unappetizing, since the portions are quite small. The service at dinner is often very poor, too. Although the stated hours for dinner are 5-7pm, it is expected that people will show up at 5pm. So while it might be more comfortable to have a couple of seatings, there really is only one. The other issue is the care in the skilled nursing/rehab wing. It feels like a mill geared to make money off Medicare reimbursements, much more than a facility caring for people.