Review of Courtyard Care Center

1 Star User Review

I moved my folks into this place back in October 2014, hoping that it would be a good fit. For awhile it appeared that things were working out just fine. Little did I know that it was all about to change. Two weeks ago, I was told that they had to move, because they were deemed a safety risk. They told me that my parents tried to get out the back door into the parking lot. What really happened was that my dad opened it, just to check out the weather. They never went outside. Dad didn't realize that he had lost all of his independence, and was virtually slapped on the wrist. They also didn't like my mom taking the elevator to different floors to walk. They have always been active and outdoor people…and in no way did they try to escape. Dad understood why they were concerned and certainly didn't want trouble. All they got was one strike and you are out…no second chances, here. They changed their name to Courtyard Care Center…so be aware. They have a courtyard, but nobody is allowed to use it. If your family members are mobile at all, this is NOT the place for them. Some of the staff members were very nice, the administration (with perhaps one exception)…are very unforgiving.