Review of Somerset Subacute and Care

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This location gets "0" stars. Upon my first visit (looking for place for my parent), a woman was "fleeing the coup" I should have taken that as my first red flag. Inside it appears to be clean, nice staff, etc. so like an innocent person, I took the bait and signed my parent up. Well, upon our entry they notified us that I could join them for dinner. The food was awful, and I mean terrible. It was microwaved to the taste, cheap and without flavor. Then the worst became obvious, I realized that this place is not just a home for the elderly, it is also an insane asylum. Yes, it is true. Half of the people in the eating area were shouting out and roaming about the room. It was exactly like "One flew over the cuckoos nest." I managed to leave but felt sad to leave my pops in this dark place. Within the first few days, we decided to hightail out of there. Phew! Glad we got out of there. It was so sad to see human beings treated like animals. Also, the staff is "nice" but highly unaware. I could never tell who was really in charge. It is a crazy house minus the ice baths and the electric therapy. Our nation could do better! This is not a way to spend your final days, unless you are totally bonkers.

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I agree 100% with you, this place is sad and the staff does treat the patients like animals, in particular the director.