Review of Briarwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center,Inc

1 Star User Review

The LPN's gave all the nursing care and some were excellent and gave our Mother really good care. The RN's in charge were below average for sure. Cleanliness was uneven. Once, we Hospice was ordered but I still not convinced they ever did anything for her. I know they never contacted the family. The head of hospice was the old RN in charge of Briarwood and I think she was just as below average in her newer role.

All the time my Mother was there, we were never contacted by the physician in charge of the nursing home who was her primary care physician nor any care extender. We couldn't get anyone to call us back.Do not believe any high ratings for this place. Don't ever put a loved one here unless you plan to visit often (several times a week), find a way to conference frequently with the doctor if the patient's health status changes and work closely with the usual LPN in charge of her care every time you go in.

This place gets the same low ratings over and over again. I've gone back over all of the in the past 7 years. I wouldn't ever use them again!