Review of Mountain Meadows Health and Rehabilitation

1 Star User Review

My mother was in this Nursing Home for nearly 7 months and after being treated poorly and not taken care of properly, we moved her to a better facility. The aides weren't trained properly nor did the Nursing Home put her needs first. There seemed to always be an excuse for the improper care they gave to my mother such as, letting her sleep all night in a recliner for the aide claimed they couldn't get her into bed. And another time, the patient that was in the same room with my mother got into bed with my mother and she laid on my mothers crippled legs, which gave her extreme pain. The next day, the aide told me the nurse allowed this to happen and nothing was done for over a month and finally, they changed rooms with my mom. The last straw, my mother got sick due to the air conditioner being allowed on high, which blew directly in her face and she got quite sick. I was told by the D.O.N a air conditioner couldn't make the elderly sick, which I knew better. This is a few of the reasons I moved my mother from Rolling Hills Nursing Center. So, if I had to rate this Nursing Home, I would just say take your loved one some where else.