Review of Catalina Post Acute and Rehabilitation

1 Star User Review

Catalina post acute Rehabilitation center is an unsafe environment that does not provide it's residents with quality care. Most of the staff inexperienced with extremely limited educations. I have seen nurses go from room to room giving eye drops, administering shots and working with IVs without washing there hands or putting on gloves. When I asked one to put on gloves he responded with"I don't need gloves". I have come my times to visit one of the long term care patients and found them hunched over unable to move apparently left that way for hours. I have walked in on patients left sitting I their own fecal matter, excessive spume all over their neck, dirty safety mitts that have not been changed in weeks. Residents are given minimal therapy at best and if the person is recovering from a stroke or brain injury that has left them unable to move or speak they get ignored unless there is a family member there to speak up for their loved ones needs. I would not recommend this place to anyone. Catalina is one of the worst care facilities I have ever had to enter into and would strongly advise against sending your loved ones there.