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nurses do not fully check medicine check off list to distribute correct medicine to patients. Staff very lazy in helping patients, you must ask them to get patient up in chair or the patient will just lay there all day and night without being moved. You must be on top of this faculity to make sure they are preforming the proper PT and the right amount of time alloted by insurance provider. NEVER did see a doctor on the floor the whole time my dad was in their care. I had to ask for everything my dad needed to recieve to make him healthy. They couldn't even schedule his follow up doctor's appt. I had to do this for them. I finally moved his out. Pima Health Dept needs to make a surprise visit to this facility.

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Patients and residents do not lie in bed all day without getting up once into a chair unless they refuse to get out of bed. Doctors from several groups show up between 7am and 6pm on weekdays, sometimes later. No patient or resident can so much as swallow a tablet of any kind without a doctors signed written order. Doctors are not there on weekends or hollidays. This is not a hospital with 24/7 physician staffing. They are there to assess their patients, review lab results, write and sign new orders and to see their patients one-on-one. Nurses DO, in fact, follow a medication record and "check it off" to administer ordered medications to patients--it's the law and every single nurse knows this. Besides, no one wants to give the wrong thing to the wrong person, that's bad. Do accidents happen? Yes, any healthcare professional that says they have never made any kind of med error isn't telling the truth. A lot of time and energy is devoted to complicance and accuracy and error prevention, so not fair to make such a statement. Yes, very often a patient will need to ask for assistance, that's how it works. The patient requests help and recieves it from staff. Depending on the type of request and the availability of staff may determine how long it takes to recieve that help. Someone who wants ice water may have to wait a bit while someone else is being cleaned up who didn't make it to the bathroom or cannot get there on their own. Most of the time staff is dealing with patients wanting help all at the same time, and the staff to patient ratio is lower in the daytime than at night. To say the staff is "lazy" is ridiculous--lazy people get fired. To say the facility is uneder-staffed is more likely the case. The staff work their butts off, but there are only so many to go around. Many patients LOVE to lay there without being bothered--the real job is to get them to go to the dining room for their meals, or to go to PT instead of saying they are too tired and would rather just rest in bed. PT can't force someone to go--and besides, every hour of PT is revenue for the facility as well as beneficial to the patient. The facility is responsible for making appointments for their patients while the patient is there, once discharged, it is the patient's job. Follow-up appointments while the patient is at the facility are done by the facility without issues. And finally, Pima County Health Dept has no call to make a surprise visit..that is done by the state of Arizona once every year in a rigorous week-long "visit" called State Survey--this is where a facility "makes it or breaks it". A better understanding of how a facility works makes for a better experience and more realistic expectations of care.