Review of Foothills Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

The Foothills Rehabilitation Center used to be a great home… When it was Posada. The new owner (Avi Rothner) thinks a remodel should be enough to keep this place bringing in new residents. New residents should also know that the new owner is downstaffing and overworking/underpaying folks that love and care about their jobs and the people they take care of. A privately owned nursing home is just that, private, FOR PROFIT. If you have loved ones that need the best care, this used to be the place to go. Now overworked, angry employees will be taking care of residents. I don't know about you but I pay my employees what they are worth, to keep my business running successfully. They hire administrators that fire the old staff to give their friends jobs.

It's all about numbers here and my father will be removed from here ASAP. It took a little while to realize, but after speaking to the employees and other residents, this is not the place for my father. I truly wish the best to those hard working individuals that actually care about people, all of the workers there are so nice and it's unfortunate that they are ruining the MEDICAL field with visions of a privately owned "business". Euthanasia is a better alternative than a privately owned nursing home.