Review of Handmaker Home for the Aging

1 Star User Review

Handmaker was recommended to me by two former employees, one an RN and the other a social worker. They worked there several years ago. Unfortunately the experience my aunt had there was horrifying. We eventually had to take her back to the hospital. We found out that Handmaker had left in the original catheter that she got from the ER at UMC. The doctors at UMC were so shocked at her condition when she arrived to the ER with multiple bruises that she didn't before going to Handmakers. Some of the bruises were on her upper thighs. My aunt told me that she had been inappropriately touched in her private parts. When we took her to UMC, the ER doctors actually submitted a report to the local authorities for elderly abuse. During the time my aunt was at Handmakers, one CNA told me that my aunt didn't like her. My aunt is a sweet elderly lady who is always friendly and kind. Apparently some of the CNA's had handled her roughly. When she got there, she was made to bear weight on her broken legs until the physical therapist determined that she was not to bear weight on her legs several days after she had been admitted. DO NOT take your loved ones there!