Review of Acacia Health Center

1 Star User Review

Come for the food. Leave for your life. You'll be sold on the setting, but if it's high quality medical and care giving you're seeking, look elsewhere. Promises of physical therapy and wound care expertise for my wife weren't kept. One nurse admitted that she had little wound care experience outside a classroom setting. Upon taking my wife to an outside medical specialist he was appalled at the condition of her wound and "wrote up" the facility. They use the nearby Mayo Clinic ER as a "dump site" for patients who exhibit any issues; they can't cope with medical emergencies on-site. Mayo's medical staff expressed annoyance. In speaking with a physician who was once in Acacia's employ, she confirmed the poor care patients received -- and which was the basis for her resignation. Final warning: If you complain about the care, you can expect retaliation by the nursing staff and administration. They don't like "trouble makers" and will find a convenient excuse to send you packing.