Review of Immanuel Campus of Care

1 Star User Review

My brother was at Immanuel Campus of Care in 2007. It was the worst nursing home I have ever been in. When he passed away, he was so full of bed sores he couldn't even move. They gave him medications we requested not to be given to him because it made him hullucinate. When we reported one of the aids was abusing him, they began giving him medication so he slept all the time. He never had water to drink. His diaper was always soiled, and they never came into change him unless we requested it. He couldn't eat on his own, but no one came in to feed him. Sheets on bed were only changed once a week. Stool on the bathroom floor that was left there for several hours. He fell several times and had to wait at least half hour for someone to help him up. No blankets on cold nights, only a sheet. Took almost an hour to give him pain medication after we requested it. I think the conditions at this nursing home was horrible. The patients that didn't have visitors were really neglected. The staff just didn't seem to care about the patients at all.