Review of Santa Rita Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

I would not put an elderly relative, that is not able to be vocal about their care, in this facility . They do not communicate with family members, it is difficult to find someone to give you an update if you are not available during work hours to go down. There was very little stimulation of my elderly relative, every time, every day, I went she was laying in her bed staring at the ceiling, they had her wheelchair bound and it was probably easier to just leave her in bed except for when she went to meals or therapy. When she had the room to herself they would not leave the temperature at her desired setting. One of her medical devices went missing and they claimed no responsibility.

There did not seem to be any real concern for the patients mental being. The hairdresser takes your money then does not perform the service or refund your money. I have opted to not have my relative returned to this facility when needed.