Review of Magnolia Ridge

1 Star User Review

My mother was here for 4 months for rehab. This place "smells" like poop and urine more often than not. The staff left her in the bed with a wet and messy diaper for hours on more than one occasion. Turning the call light on means nothing to the staff. I have seen the reaction by the staff whenever a call light would come on, and it's not a good reaction. I would like to say that maybe there are too many patients assigned to the nurse/PCA. But more times than not, I would find the staff (3-4 of them) in the "pantry area" sitting on top of the counters just talking and laughing, while there were several lights on where patient's needed their attention. Wipes are furnished by the patient's family, not by the facility, although I got conflicting information from the staff. We witnessed staff (PCA's) taking wipes from one patient's room and using them in another patient's room. They did confirm to me that this is what they do if a patient does not have any in the room and they (PCA) needs them. Nothing was stolen from the room, which is a good comment for them. We finally brought her back home, and she "rehabbed" more in one month with Home Health Care than she did the whole 4 months she was there. Even though we are looking for another Rehab Center since she has just fallen and broken several ribs this weekend, we will not even consider this place. Will drive further to, hopefully, find a better facility. This review is for the Rehab section of the facility only. Did not experience the nursing home side of the facility.