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My Mom is at Collinsville Nursing Home. This is more like a residential dwelling than a nursing home. She has great meals; exercise; participates in activies; and has wonderful care. These are the most caring staff I have ever seen. She never wanted to go into a Nursing Home but it was getting more difficult to care for her at home. About two weeks after going in, she will not come home for a visit because she said she was afraid we would not bring her back. She was never a people person but has made great friendships here. I am so pleased and if you want your loved one to have the best in care I suggest Collinsville Nursing Home hands down. The horrow stories I used to hear about Nursing Homes is only a myth for some. This place has great staff and residents! They really do care about their patients!

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I wonder if management or employees wrote these two reviews. I just lost two dear relatives due to lack of care in this facility. Neither should have happened. Both deaths were due to lack of care; unsanitary conditions and one talked of being scared of the employees. It's concerning!

I am a current resident at CNH. I am very pleased, 5 stars. Jerry Whittle