Review of Civic Center Health and Rehabilitation, LLC

1 Star User Review

2nd worst nuursing home in biirmingham. I beleive this place has no real leadership. The DON and ADM has no idea what is truly going on in their facility. As a family member I should not see things and report it to you and you have no idea that this is really happening in your facility. Take down that old sign of being a 5star because as a family member i woul only probably give you 2 stars. When the adminstration staff is at home, you other staff is playing, sleeping in residents room or going to clubs in the area at night. My father was a resident there and I saw these things and didnt like it one bit. Reported it to the administration and was brushed off and label crazy. The even and night shifts needs better supvision, your nurses can only be at one place at a time.