Review of Life Care Center of Puyallup

1 Star User Review

I have been requesing an itemized bill from Life Care of Puyallup since January, the numbers just don't match up with what I was told it would cost for the level of care my mom received. Their response was that if she is a cash paying resident it would be $9,000 for her level of care per month, but when I received my Mom's supplemental insurance break down it was more like $25K for 3 weeks, their explanation is that they don't have a set charge for one individual item it fluctuates daily. They have threatened me with court if I do not pay the supplemental amount within a week, they accused my mom of forging a signature, they have hung up on me when I challenge their statements. I know that money is the root of all evil, but to be a professional establishment and yet lack the professionalism that is required when dealing with a customer is unforgivable. I want an itemized bill, I do not understand why they are still billing Medicare 5 months after my Mother's discharge and getting paid. Is there any oversight to facilities like this where a person can call and get the answers that are rightfully theirs to have?