Review of Alden Estates of Jefferson

1 Star User Review

I am embarassed to say that I would never recommend this local nursing home. It's in my hometown and yet I'd rather have my loved one in another town vs. this place. It's a beautiful building with lovely grounds, but the staff avoid any direct questions by me (I'm my Mom's activated HCPOA) and administrative staff will not return calls. They would regularly leave my Mom in bed, soiled with fecal matter. She'd sit for hours in her own urine and feces. We knew we needed to move Mom. but when we tried, it became a bigger nightmare. She had no one to advocate for her. We had to do all of the legwork ourselves and were not even given the chance for a meeting upon discharge. She was moved to a CBRF and they tried to help us the best they could, but you can't get anywhere if the Alden staff won't return calls. I would never recommend this SNF to anyone. They are understaffed, rude and don't care about the individuals they are caring for. Like the previous reviewer, I wouldn't have given any stars, but this program forces you to give at least one. If your physician recommends Alden, check out all of your options first. Don't just decide based on their "linen table service", waitstaff appearance in the dining rooms and their waffle-weave bathrooms. It's a shame that they can get away with treating human beings this way. Thank God, she's in a better place. The CBRF is wonderful and she's happy. And THRIVING!