Review of Cherrywood Nursing and Living

4 Star User Review

My mother was here for close to 3 years and left to live in a group home where it did not work out so she had to go back into a nursing home and she was not able to get back into Cherrywood…now that she is in another place she truly realizes how good she had it at cherrywood, She is a young person (58) but a stroke left her unable to care for herself any longer and unfortunately neither can I, I think she just didn't realize how good of a place it really was-but at 58 you think its the worst place to be.

Its clean-doesn't smell like urine, they have activities, and lots of areas you can visit privately with your family and tables set up so you can bring toddler always enjoyed looking at the birds out in the front and the fish tank. The nurse aids can be slow at times but that happens just about everywhere. The nurses were always very nice. I wish my mother could get back in but this place has very limited Medicaid beds and I doubt she will ever be able to get back in. She's really kicking herself now