Review of Spaulding Nursing & Therapy Center - West Roxbury

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Awful place. If you value your life stay away. This place is infested with fat, lazy, nasty, incompetent aides. The doctor is a dud. If you put on your call light the aides leisurely waddle in and act like you are imposing on them. It is truly a nightmare. God help the patients there who have no visitors, family members or advocates to monitor their care. I'm telling you folks, this is not a good place. Please go somewhere else, I did.

Replies to This Review

If you don't have an advocate you are in trouble !!! Lazy !!!!! Staff is horrible administration is un caring I hope that the state comes in soon. I will be calling them !!!!!!!!!!

I agree, this place was the icing on the cake for my terminal mother. After investigation from our bank they tracked down a worker from this place who had stolen from us. So imagine all those who do not have visitors or family who can advocate for them. I feel so bad someone needs to read this and take action. It is truelly sickening I don't even want to keep writing!