Review of Plaquemine Manor Nursing Home

3 Star User Review

In Summer 2016 I went to Manor to get reimbursed for clothes purchased for my mother in law- Handed receipts to new office girl- She noted the amt was almost depleting her small acct from SS Ck- I reminded the nice girl that I brought Manor each ck sent to my mother in law until cks stopped coming b/c began going to Manor- We realize Manor kept ALL amt of cks, none went to the lil acct from SS cks- I asked to what was missing- She showed me the OPEN spot in the paid column for each month of her SS Ck credits- I SAW it on the computer screen- I asked WHERE the ck could be, did it get TAKEN, she said could have been posted to the wrong acct in error, she would ck on it- The nice girl Noted that she SHOULD have another 30+ dol in acct as she noticed a SS ck in Spring was NOT credited to her so minus the am't for her small acct too- Been trying to ck on it with no success- Was told last wk that dont need her POA to get me added b/c a form can be signed by my mother in law to get me added b/c she has NOT been interdicted- Our son her POA just called them minutes ago about this prob b/c of message given me by receptionist from Admin today that we need an ATTORNEY to discuss this with ME- Now we feel we need to get to the OWNER of Plaquemine Manor to ask WHAT does Admin at Manor have to hide- Asked to set time for meeting with Soc Worker & Admin- Was left on hold so long then told Admin would be with me in a little while- Call eventually disconnected- Our son her POA got the run around too when he called them after my call today