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  • Heritage House at Keller Rehab & Nursing Keller, Texas 76248

    Therapy is good. Nurses & techs very good but understaffed. Of course you will smell something foul sometimes. It’s a nursing facility!!! Some folks are incontinent. They do their best. Their business office manager and activities director are great people. The rooms aren’t the Ritz Carlton, but they are private.

    I will warn you of a terrible, incompetent, quack of a doctor; Asha Abraham. Her negligence is incomparable. Zero integrity. Lying, self-serving, incapable so-called physician. We fired her. She should be banned from practicing any kind of medicine. Her actions are deadly. Heritage House should be ashamed to have her on staff. The nurses and most CNAs are good people, but beware of Asha Abraham & avoid her at all costs. As far as I’m concerned, she is Doctor Death. That’s my opinion from my experiences. I’ve heard other comments about her incompetence. If you have a loved one under her care, change doctors immediately!

  • The Hillcrest of North Dallas Dallas, Texas 75252

    We removed our dad from this facility as soon as we could. The level of care was very poor and we believe that the facility is unable to provide what was promised. Unfortunately, our dad’s level of dementia did not allow him to verbalize how poor his treatment was. Our dad was on the second floor and it was a truly traumatic experience for him and for our family. The smell of urine is strong, the sound of the incessant call button alarm is distressing and the chairs and carpets are filthy. The facility is understaffed and the staff that are there do not work as a team and accept no responsibility for patient care. Frequently we would ask for help and were told that my dad was not their patient and that they would call someone else. That ‘someone else’ would never arrive. We frequently arrived to find our dad completely disheveled, ungroomed, in a dirty diaper and if we did not care for him, he would have been left like that for hours. Residents would beg for help and not get it. Residents would ask us, visiting family members, to please help them. Food is very poor quality, cold and served late every mealtime. The worst aspect of our experience was the injuries that our dad incurred while in their care. Our dad fell frequently and if it had not been for other mentally sound residents telling us, we would never have known the truth. A resident told us that our dad was treated with excessive roughness. The severe bruising and cuts and nicks on his body were extremely distressing. The injuries to our dad were noticed by inspectors from the state and we were called in to talk to them. They had some serious concerns about the care provided at this facility. Medications were well managed and that is the only positive comment that we can make. For the safety of future residents, we feel that our opinion is important. We would not want anybody else to suffer the level of anxiety and poor treatment and care that our dad did.

  • Stonemere Rehabilitation Center Frisco, Texas 75035

    I stayed at The Stonemere for two weeks following a total knee replacement. I was scared out of my wits due to my surgery in the first place and frankly don't like being at the mercy of others. For the first time in my life, I found myself relying on strangers to care for my every need. The Stonemere stepped up to the plate and proved to be the right choice. I saw excellence and compassion in action by not just the staff but the Executive Director as well. Never at any time did I feel uncared for or unsafe. In fact, by the end of my stay, I made many new friends and plan to tell everyone I know about the best kept secret in Collin County. A big shout out goes to the Executive Director, Daniel Prince, whose compassionate heart is reflected in his staff. Mr. Prince requires a high standard of quality care and attention from his staff and demonstrates by example with excellence as he frequently spends time with each patient instead of hiding behind a desk. As a result of the exquisite care and therapy I received at The Stonemere, I am functioning 2 weeks ahead of schedule in my recovery. The proof is in the results!

  • Gulf Health Care Center in Galveston Galveston, Texas 77554

    This is a dangerous facility. My mother died there and I had to sleep there to protect her from the neglect and danger. There was only one night nurse for the entire facility. There was only one attendant on duty at night for the rehab section and she would study (understandably) but she checked on my mother very seldom. One morning after I left for a week due to a family emergency at home, my mother was found double diapered. The floors are concrete and I saw three residents fall and two of them died in the 2 and a half months I spent there. The staff is loud when the night shift comes in and the day shift leaves. They shout and bang doors etc. My mother had trouble with sundowning and trying to fall asleep. I reported this to the head nurse and nothing changed. I saw roaches running around, the person charged with cleaning the room stopped cleaning it. It is atrocious there. The social worker did nothing when I told her that my mother wanted therapy. There were no qualified psychological therapists on staff. One person came to talk with her and he did nothing to help her. There was a physician's assistant who was unqualified to care for her who said she could live in assisted living but she had dementia and died very soon thereafter. They made no attempt to give her the care she really needed. She could not operate the button to call for help and when I did, it took 30 minutes for someone to come in at night. The nurse in charge one night would not come in when she was crying and screaming for help for an obstruction in her bowels. The nurse was overwhellmed with too many patients to take care of and she would not do an enema for my mother without permission from the PA who was not available at the time. It was a nightmare and then I lost my mother.

  • Senior Care of Weston Inn Temple, Texas 76504

    Sadly, my mother passed away after being at the Weston for a couple of years.We paid out of pocket for almost the entire two years - a month in advance. The low rating is due to the fact that after she passed, (on the 4th - so with a large refund due) the business office suddenly "discovered" an insurance payment from TWO YEARS earlier that was 'not accurate'. I have been in contact with the office for three months now - at first they were unaware that the insurance provider (through her retirement) had changed. Then, they said the company did not ever get a claim (and yet I had provided them with statements showing otherwise.) I am still waiting. I cannot say if this is due to INCOMPETENCE or being UNETHICAL, or both. However, it is traumatic enough to lose a parent - much less deal with a business office that makes me feel like I am being cheated. Just do not bring your parent here. Go where there are competent and ethical business practices.

  • First Colony Health and Rehabilitation Center Missouri City, Texas 77459

    This place is not good. If you have to voice your opinion on everything they should be doing it's not good. If you complain wait a day or two and everythig goes back to the same way it was before because that is what they are used to. I feel sorry for the residents that can't talk. And if you tell them what they are doing wrong they get an attitude and upset with you. That right there tells you it is not a good place to put your loved one. Make sure you go to different websites about the place and read all the reviews. I'm surprised to see 3 stars on this site. Read all the reviews………

  • Regent Care Center of El Paso El Paso, Texas 79935

    I could not be more appreciative of all the courtesies and care given by all the nurses, administration, business office and rest of the workers at this facility towards my 82-year-old father and the rest of my family. Everyone was professional and respectful, but more importantly kind and sympathetic. My heartfelt thanks for all your kindness.

  • Texas Institute for Clinically Complex Care Houston, Texas 77064

    This place is horrible.I don't understand how anyone would allow their love ones to stay at this facility.If has roaches,ants and other dead or dried up spiders and other insects in corners of the building.The short staffed and I understand why who wants to work in a flity place where when u finish cleaning you swear something was crawling on you.If u love your mother,fFather, daughter or son don't bring them to this facility to live or stay short term if horrible,it's a nightmare.

  • Belterra Health & Rehab Mckinney, Texas 75071

    My wife spent six weeks in this facility because her legs hurt so bad, she couldn't walk. The day before we were discharged, the doctor there looked at her legs for the first time. If you go or take someone there, please get a doctor to diagnose their problems. She still can't walk, and the treatment from the nurses and aides were often combative, and demeaning. The buzzers stay on for 30 minutes or more before they are answered. My wife sat in the cafeteria for supper, and no one ever waited on her, so she got nothing to eat. She went back to her room in her wheelchair, and asked for a PBJ sandwich. I must say the food was terrible! I ate there a couple of times, and I wouldn't feed my dog that stuff. I will say the PT department tried their best for almost six weeks, but she made very little progress. I moved her home, and we are seeing a neurologist in 5 days. Maybe he will actually LOOK at her legs.

  • Onpointe Transitional Care at Texas Health Arlingt Arlington, Texas 76012

    I chose this facility for my loved one based upon its CMS ratings ( site) and the fact that it was so clean and quiet inside.

    It is woefully understaffed. Your loved one can be in complete misery or need help and there is no one there for her. When I visit ( I live out of state) , I have found my mother in wet and soiled diapers. Alerting the staff, she still had to wait one hour to be attended to. There was a man in another room laying horizontally and half off the bed, calling for help, and I tried to intervene for him but no staff was found.

    Do not expect your phone calls to be returned. Sometimes the phone is not even answered at all, especially in evenings or weekends. I will be contacting the ombudsman.

  • The Rio at Mission Trails San Antonio, Texas 78223

    There are a couple of nurse assistants that need to be removed from the facility. I witnessed a couple of things that broke my heart into pieces after hearing what I heard from a CNA…her name is Brittney…she was cussing up a storm and was upset that a senior was asking for her help to change clothes because she had "already changed her 20 minutes ago." I was in my uncle's room and could hear this girl from a distance…I poked out my head and saw exactly who it was who was complaining. To make matters worse, she was complaining in front of other patients, her coworkers and a lady who was a family member visiting a patient and I believe was also needing her assistance with something. Neither one of the nurses helped the patient….I believe an RN ended up asking another CNA from another hall who was working on her own group of patients…not exactly sure…but that Brittney and her partner in crime Esmerelda, are a very evil duo who need to be FAR AWAY from these seniors who are living a nightmare when those two are around. I cannot believe those two were hired in that facility….if anyone who has a loved one who resides in The RIO located on New Braunfels road in San Antonio, TX…I STRONGLY recommend you pay more visits to your loved one to ensure they are being properly cared for during the shifts of these two CNA's

  • The Colonnades at Reflection Bay Pearland, Texas 77584

    My father was a respite patient there from January 18th-22nd, and the services or lack of services he received was truly horrible and an absolute nightmare. The logo reads committed to excellence, compassionate and delivers the best care that is effective, WHICH IS A FAR STRETCH FROM THE TRUTH! This is one of the worst facilities that my family has ever experienced. The appearance on the outside is beautiful, but when the doors open it is absolute horror! We have all heard bad stories about nursing homes, but I can truly say Cantex/The Colonnades at Reflection Bay is one of the most disorganized, unhelpful, unsuitable and useless facilities.

    On the morning of 18th at 7:15am my father left his home doing fine, eating, drinking, alert and responsive as of today January 23rd, he is no longer eating, drinking, alert or responsive. On Sunday, January 21st at 1:08pm, my sister received a call from the nurse on duty, and she said that our father was not eating or drinking and his vitals was very low. So we rushed up to the hospital to check on him, only to realize that the staff did not feed or give him anything to drink for 4 DAYS! My father requires oxygen and I am sure it was documented on his paperwork, but yet again, he did not have oxygen for 4 DAYS! I truly cannot understand why a company that prides themselves on being a caring and committed company, would allow such a thing like this to happen to an elderly patient. Words cannot express how angry and hurt I am, and what pain your staff has caused my father and our family.

    Please note that I know it is very difficult to take care of the elderly and give them the attention that they need, but there is no excuse, not to do your job!

    My father is 79 years old, cannot feed himself, cannot go to the bathroom by himself and sometimes does not know what the day is! But the Colonnades staff failed at doing their jobs and that is to take CARE of the patient, which is my father! I understand he was not the only patient, but he is still my father and the reason he was sent to the Colonnades is for proper care and skilled nursing, and we did not get any of that, my father came home barely breathing.

  • Lakeside Nursing and Rehabilitation Center San Antonio, Texas 78245

    My mother was a resident at Trisun Care Center for approximately 6 months. The staff was unresponsive on issue and the care seemed inadequate. Almost every time I went down the hallways it smelled of urine. One time I found an employee using the nebulizer hospice had provided but they thought it was ok since she used her own tubing. There were a few mishaps while there. A few times I found her naked in bed next to the AC unit. They would say she would take off her pants but there would be no pants laying around her. The last incident was when she had a huge hematoma on her forward with serious bruising all over her face and down her neck. They didn't file an incident report with the state until they knew I filed a complaint. Unfortunately our laws allow them to file it days after it happens as long as it is done before the investigator shows up. Don't be fooled by appearances. I would not recommend this place.

  • The Pavilion at Creekwood Mansfield, Texas 76063

    My mother came here for rehab after an extended hospital stay. Due to some lingering medical issues, she was not able to participate in rehab, but this did not prevent the Pavilion from keeping her for her total number of days paid for by insurance. Then they gave me 1 1/2 days notice they were discharging her--on the weekend. On discharge, home health was not set up for 5 days, and the equipment I needed to take my non-ambulatory mother home was not arranged, either. Despite several calls the equipment NEVER arrived. She was also discharged in a totally altered mental state (after being that way for quite a while), and I was told that might be her "new normal," though when I took her back to the ER, they had her back to lucidity within 1 1/2 days. Doctors told me on two occasions they would test to see whether an infection that she had arrived with had cleared up but never did; finally just before discharge they took the sample in my presence, but **surprise!** no results, and no record of it in the computer or lab book. On several occasions I had to update the nurses and/or doctors about changes in medications or her status that didn't get passed on from one to another. The lack of adequate communication in this place could be dangerous.

  • Broadmoor Medical Lodge Rockwall, Texas 75032

    The food and activities are very good here, and the facility is cleaner than most I've seen. The staff truly does their best caring for the residents, and having transferred my loved one from a previous facility, this one definitely is a blessing! Only concern is when we brought our loved one home for a short visit she had a really bad body odor. She gets good medical/psych/and dental attention and this is a monumental plus!

  • Solera at West Houston Houston, Texas 77084

    Take your love one somewhere else. Doesn’t matter what the doctors anre the hospital say. Find another place nice place looks like the Sheraton hotel you won’t get the service. And if your looking for a job in anything at solera go elsewhere value you hard working liscense because you won’t keep it long working here the pay suck and we are always under staff unless state comes in. Please take all of our words are text run from this place. DON is a snake so is that EOD she doesn’t like anybody

  • Onpointe Transitional Care at Texas Health Arlingt Arlington, Texas 76012

    The worst experience imaginable. Very understaffed. Call buttons not working. Wait 20-30 minutes minimum if you need more than one person to help move your loved one. Who knows how long If no family member is there to hunt them down . If you need true "skilled nursing", this is not the place to go. It is impossible to say how we regret going there. Look long and hard when you need care. Wish we had.

  • The Heights of Tomball Tomball, Texas 77375

    Some staffs are very disrespectful and rude to other staff. Caregivers, and nurses are quitting do to be disrespected, and rudeness from the head people. Nurses talk people business, and when it comes down to telling the DON or the administrator nothing done about it. They tell famil members anything just to get them in the building. The nurses does not believe in answering call lights. They will sit and wait on cnas come out of a room, and tell them they have a light on. I recommend families, and people that’s looking for a job or a place for your family this is not the place for you. They always working short handed, because they have a person that does not know how to do the schedule, and she refuse to help out on the floor. She had told patients she do not change people anymore , because she’s the boss now….. BEWARE OF THE HEIGHTS AT TOMBALL!!!!!