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  • Hillcrest Raleigh at Crabtree Valley Raleigh, North Carolina 27612

    My dad has gone downhill dramatically since he got discharged from the hospital and was admitted. The goals changed; initially a goal was set for how far he had to be able to walk and for some reason he had to feed himself, even though he couldn't do that BEFORE admission to the hospital. I demonstrated that he could walk the required distance, but they changed the rule and said he almost fell, which was not true. He did need 2 assistants, but if he had been helped to walk every day, he would have stayed at least at that level. Instead, he was left in a wheelchair all day, which wore him out, so that he was too tired for effective physical therapy. Then instead of helping him walk, they wouldn't let him walk. Now he can't walk, but sure we can discharge (I assume since the insurance money ran out). Not impressed, but once we have him back where he belongs I will help him get back to walking myself.

  • Accordius Health at Lexington Lexington, North Carolina 27292

    I have a family member that has been there since 2017. I am very pleased with the therapy dept. They do amazing work with folks to get them back up and towards a goal to get back home. The speech therapist was GREAT. She takes the time to work with the patients and speaks with the families.

    Over all staff is much better then it use to be with Brian center name. I believe the new Owners and Management team there is Great…

    Matthew M.

  • Curis at Thomasville Transitional Care & Rehab Thomasville, North Carolina 27360

    Horrible place abuse and neglect run rampid how this place is open I am clueless on. Prisioners get better treatment than these patients do. Someone somewhere needs to do something about this abusive home. The maintenance man Jimmy is in the females rooms alone for quite a while at a time. I firmly believe that he is sexually abusing these patients. Someone needs to look in to this home seriously. The cna and other staff steal the personal expensive property of the patients and blame it on medication tgth they are crazy and don't know what they are talking about. Close this facility immediately.

  • Sardis Oaks Charlotte, North Carolina 28270

    Would not recommend this facility for short term rehab.

    Room was hit, extremely small and very noisy. A reside it's call for help during middle of the night went unanswered.

    At discharge, the sign off nhrse, Ikeia, left my 92 Dad waiting in the lobby for over an hour and a half to go home while she went to a meeting!

  • Pavilion Health Center at Brightmore Charlotte, North Carolina 28277

    A friend of mine recently spent approximately 17 days in the Pavilion at Brightmore. I want to share several concerns of mine and theirs:

    • No nametags worn or position indicated by anyone who gave medication or injections. They could have been anyone, including someone off the street meaning to do harm.

    • Medication started at least 3 days after being sent to Pavilion’s pharmacy by the Eye doctor.

    • Employees, including people who gave out medication or injections, never introduced themselves and seldom-to-never spoke to the patient.

    • A therapist alerted the patient to a meeting about complaints against the staff. The issue being addressed was little-to-no communication between the staff and the patients. The patient signed the complaint form, listing their 2 major complaints. The response was an immediate visit from an angry employee who had not responded to the patient’s repeated requests during the prior 3 days.

    • All meals were cold, including a bowl of tomato soup. There would have been no difference between what was given in sullen silence and simply opening and pouring it out of a can. Like you might expect in the prison of a 3rd world country.

    • At night, there was only 1 male available to take up to 36 patients to the bathroom or attend to their needs- whether male or female. Again, no nametag, identification of role or communication of any kind. This one person was overworked and hostile.

    • Most all employees coming to the patient’s room had foreign accents, making communication even more difficult. The patient and the staff had to resort to sign language on numerous occasions.

    • The patient was in the hospital for their operation when shown the list of the rehabilitation hospitals. They chose this one- Pavilion at Brightmore- with no knowledge of it. Later, we discovered it had a 3-star rating (out of 5). This patient will never return there and we will caution others and everyone within our spheres of influence about this place.

    • If you or a loved one needs the services of a rehabilitation hospital, please consider any other alternative than here.

  • Five Oaks Manor Concord, North Carolina 28027

    I have had a family member here and they received wonderful care. Some of the staff are like family and the food is ok. It is nice to have a choice with your meals rather than just getting served whatever is cooked. I have no complaints about the therapy team. Each and every therapist I saw knew what they were doing.

  • Willow Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Goldsboro, North Carolina 27534

    This place is disgusting. My dad was there for rehab. He would try to get assistance by using the call button. The workers would cut it off without checking on him. One night he pressed the button 12 times and no one ever assisted him. Finally the facility director told him to use the bathroom in the bed and someone would come later to clean him up. Totally UNACCEPTBLE! I got him out the next day. This was absolutely the worst medical facility I have ever been in contact with. I honestly do not understand how they stay open.

  • Huntersville Health & Rehab Center Huntersville, North Carolina 28078

    The business office lied regarding the status of my bill. I was assured throughout my stay that everything was paid by my insurance policies and "that I owed no more money." Three-and-a-half months after discharge I received a bill for just under $2,000 in a demand letter with the threat of lawyers and collection agencies. This was the only letter received as no previous money requests were sent Once this extortion money is paid, this outfit will have received over $16,000 for my length of stay. I am a senior citizen living on a small amount of Social Security. I wasn't aware there was so much financial abuse in these facilities. Don't let the nicely decorated rooms fool you.

  • Zebulon Rehabilitation Center Zebulon, North Carolina 27597

    Catheter changes go well beyond the recommended 2 to 4 weeks; latex used on patients with latex allergies; feeding tube turned black - tested at hospital lab - fungal found from improper care; do not change patient diapers timely; receive phone calls from family member at all hours of the day and night because of pain and/or dirty diapers; repeated problem with theft; some of the nurses are just down right rude and have no business in healthcare. Have brought these problems to management repeatedly and nothing changes.The people that have been there that actually do care about the patients and are qualified don't stay because management is so unresponsive. I wouldn't want these people to pet sit my dog.

  • Magnolia Lane Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Morganton, North Carolina 28655

    my dad was in this home, and i want to thank god i got him out. he was in there close to 2 years .they don't have enought cna, my dad smell like urine. so did his bed.he has put out of wheelchair and beat up in head.fell at least once a other things. he is 89 years old. it got so bad, he told me he wanted to died and go to heaven, and i got him out of there.then management made it hard on me to get him out.i would not put my dog in there, the place need to be closed down.i feel so sorry for all the people that still there and don' have no family to at least help them.please listen don' t take a love one there, it like throwing them in the trash.

  • The Laurels of Greentree Ridge Asheville, North Carolina 28803

    I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

    This place is terrible in every way. You would be better off going to a homeless shelter. It constantly smells like a sewer and they are very understaffed. It has taken over an hour to get anyone to answer the call button and then they just came in and turned it off only to run out and make you wait another 45 min before returning to care for the patient. The nurses and C.N.A.s are for the most part OK, but they are so understaffed that they are constantly overwhelmed. The administration is the biggest problem, If you complain about the bad care of your loved one they will turn around and blame the patient and do nothing to fix the problem. The problems are a constant, Their has not been one day that I have visited my family member where the same issues I have complained about has been been addressed & the administrators have become rude and offensive when I have repeated the complaints. They do not see or treat your loved one as a person but rather a dollar sign. The social worker is horrible and pathetic. The head of the nursing department dos not do anything to fix the problems. The facility is falling apart from the leaking roof to the broken door alarms and fire alarms that go off for no reason when it rains hard. If you care about your the person, do not let them go to this place.

  • Stanley Total Living Center Stanley, North Carolina 28164

    What a wonderful place to have a loved one. There have been some changes made to nursing management that were immediately noticed by family in terms of smiling staff and actual conversations by nursing managers with families and management. It was a good place already but this change has made a huge difference and my family greatly appreciates it.

  • Charlotte Health & Rehabilitation Center Charlotte, North Carolina 28214

    I am writing this review in response to unacceptable interaction I experienced while attempting to advocate for a church friend whose husband was a patient at your facility receiving therapy following a stroke. My limited observation as to his physical treatment led me to conclude that the effort put into his care to be adequate and acceptable. The interaction with his wife and me was dismal. There was a discharge plan meeting scheduled for 10 AM on May 11. All the participants from our end were there before 10. We waited in the paitent's room until 10:10. At that time the person in charge of the meeting came to get us, and as we were going down the hall to the conference room, she began telling us that we had to be finished at 10:30 because there were other families waiting. The paitent's wife is handicapped herself, so by the time we reached the room it was 10:15. There was another delay that was not the fault of the staff. The wife requested that her daughter be contacted for a conference call. After failing at that attempt, it was now close to 10:20. We were reminded numerous times that the leader didn't want to be rude, but we needed to speed the process along. The OT gave a good report supplying needed information. The rest of the time was spent discussing the medical equipment that would be ordered for the patient to use after arriving home. There was little/no time to absorb the information, much less to form and ask questions. Then we were informed that the discharge person would not be at work on Fri. or Mon., but the leader said to contact her with any questions, as we were ushered from the room. It was in common vernacular a bum rush job. There was actually no legitimate concern for the family at all. Later, I left the leader a voice mail asking for a call back, which I never received. On Mon. afternoon I left the discharge person a voice jail requesting a call on Tues. morning when she returned to work. At 11AM, I called her. I asked her about the arrangements for the patient's transportation home. I was told that I was told that it would cost $50- $60 depending on how far he was transported. All I wanted to know was who was in charge of making the arrangements, her or the family. None of this would have occurred if time had been even close to adequate for understanding at the meeting.

    This afternoon, I received a call from another friend whose husband and another gentleman had volunteered to transport the patient home. They arrived at the facility before 11, the time we were told he would need to be picked up. It seems that the nursing staff wasn't notified that the patient was being discharged that day, and there was some sort of computer issue going on. The patient, his wife and the others stood out in the hall for 45 minutes without any communication from the staff. The only way they got attention was that finally a "tie guy"/manager walked by and the wife approached him and asked what was going on. They were never even offered a place to sit and wait. I'm sorry, but this treatment is completely unacceptable. I realize that the staff is slammed everyday. However, they chose the jobs they have and should be ready to serve their clients accordingly. I was unaware of the rating of your facility until I came to the website. Then I realized that our situation was not a blip on the screen. It seems similar encounters are experienced by many of your customers. It is a shame that those most vulnerable receive poor, disrespectful treatment, especially since Charlotte Health… is a for profit organization. It is a lovely place which, if run with high expectations could become a 5 star center. I truly hope the effort and modifications are made with altruism in mind in order to reach that goal of being of service to those in need. Alice Bayne

  • Springbrook Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Clayton, North Carolina 27520

    My dear friend and traveling companion of 30 years was transferred to Springbrook after a hospitalization. She suffered from terminal cancer but I and the family felt that a try at rehab would be better than Hospice. It was immediately recognized that the facility was understaffed with minimally trained nursing assistants. Patient calls for assistance were left unanswered for periods of half an hour or more. The rehab staff was good and the patient began to make some progress. While the bed was being changed by a negligent, poorly trained nursing assistant, the patient was allowed to roll out of the bed on to the floor, resulting in emergency transfer to the emergency room. After a brief stay at the hospital, she was transferred to Hospice, where she died a week later. Springbrook did not cause her death, but the sub-standard care she received made her final days much worse for her and her friends and family. I could not recommend this facility.

  • Hillcrest Raleigh at Crabtree Valley Raleigh, North Carolina 27612

    My wife recently spent 3 weeks at Hillcrest Raleigh for rehabilitation from back surgery, and now that she is being released I can say in retrospect that I am glad we chose this facility for her recovery. Hillcrest is well-staffed, employing what seems like a "small army" of people, which translates into a surprisingly high employee-to-patient ratio. The employees who cared for my wife have all been very friendly, caring, and encouraging throughout her stay. We got to know most of them on a first-name basis. The facility itself is clean and well-maintained and, as far as I can tell, well-run. The food is pretty generic but nutritious and appropriate in quantity. I rate Hillcrest at 4 out of 5 stars not as a "ding" but simply because I believe there is still room for improvement (hence not a full 5 stars). If either my wife or I need rehab in the future, I would probably choose Hillcrest again.

  • Lake Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Indian Trail, North Carolina 28079

    The staff at Lake Park is a home run! My Father had a long journey this past year and Lake Park was a very compassionate place. I stopped by one evening when looking for a facility and I spoke with a very gracious and understanding Director of Nursing Karen. Making these decisions are never easy; however, my Family was lucky to have found Lake Park as they delivered on what we were looking for. They worked collaboratively with us and I cannot say enough good things about the staff. Thank you and God Bless to Director of Nursing Karen, Admissions Director Toni, Nurse "Chicago Robert" ( you helped me and my Father so much with our talks, God Bless you my Brother! ), Nurse Robbie, Nurse Kim, Nurse Pam, CNA Christa ( I can still see you sitting with my Father and him enjoying your company! You are a sweetheart! ), CNA Mary, CNA Donald ( you helped my Father and me in many ways! ), Facility Manager Dennis and others who's names have escaped me at this moment. They recently gave the facility a makeover. In my Travels I have seen facilities that have been updated, not updated, and ones that use granite counter tops as smoke and mirrors. The most important thing is what is at the core and the core is the staff. Lake Park is a Home Run on the most important thing being the staff and the updated facility is icing on the cake. Thank you and Godspeed to you all at Lake Park. Tim Kessler

  • Blue Ridge on the Mountain Sylva, North Carolina 28779

    I would not give this facility even one star. A corporate company in Ohio owns it as a tax write off. Same company has 5 star facilities over the country so they know how to run one. But they choose to let this one go to hell. I lived there for 1 1/2 years. The State of NC turns a blind eye when they inspect. I wouldn't let a dog die there. Please go elsewhere!

  • The Oaks at Sweeten Creek Arden, North Carolina 28704

    This is a terrible place Constantly short of help. The nurses are overworked. The nuse/patient ratio is outrageous. Night shift frequently are short of aides. The residents and staff are frustrated. Very high turnover rate. The DON is incompetent and insecure. She vents her insecurities on the staff. Constantly short of necessary supplies; the nurses pay out of pocket for these deficiencies. The place is a hellhole.

  • Pruitthealth-Neuse New Bern, North Carolina 28560

    My husband was a recently a patient at Pruitt Neuse NH. The staff were friendly and helpful; however, the time frame between requesting aid of any kind could be hours. Help with patient hygiene and bed changes were practically non existent. Wound care nurse (for wound care 3 times a week) was not done per proper protocol with improper coverage of wound and care. I personally believe the facility is understaffed significantly. Also, the food was horrible. I would never recommend this facility to anyone.