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My mother in law was placed in their memory care unit which is VERY understaffed & under qualified to take care of people in this condition. The place is run down & dirty. There solution is to push people into the hallways or corral them into a room. My mother in law fell 2 times in their care and in the 44 days she was there lost 20 lbs. Her clothes disappeared daily a never resurfaced. One day I walked in and she was in her wet diaper & her pajama the hallway! she was crying & freezing & trying to cover herself. Despite our efforts to get her out of there we were blocked by the head nurse who made calls to all the facilities we were trying to have her placed in saying not to take her. They were trying to keep a private pay bed! We finally got her placed & even the morning she moved into her new residence this nurse was calling them to advise against it! She did move in and died 1 week later from an internal bleed. I was there daily with her but not every patient has daily family…Do not leave your loved one in their care!