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  • Regalcare at West Haven West Haven, Connecticut 06516

    This building is dirty, unkempt, extremely unprofessional and they are also very racist!! The DIRECTOR OF NURSING is rude. He hung up in my face. The administration staff walk away from you while you are talking. They are rude and have no respect for staff/residents/humanity!!!! Customer service sucks and I would never bring my loved one here. The reviews tell it all!!! Terrible service!! The worst!! Regal Care Of West Haven is a sorry excuse for a nursing home and I can only imagine the care they provide when family is not present!! Run away fast!! 11/14/18.

  • Sharon Health Care Center Sharon, Connecticut 06069

    In 10/16, I was very pleased to transfer my mother from a long-term care facility to Sharon Health Care Center. My mother and I were not satisfied with the level of care she was receiving at the prior facility. The staff at Sharon were very helpful and kept me informed on a near daily basis of their bed availability, and once a bed became available, the admissions staff made all the arrangements for transporting my mother and also set up and did the transport. The staff greeted us by name as soon as we entered the front door, and they welcomed us. Her room was bright, neat, and very clean. She was given a bed next to the window which overlooked their lower level courtyard; very pretty and nicely maintained. My mother needs a wheelchair as she is not able to weight bear on her lower extremities. She needs to be transferred by staff from bed to the wheelchair and back. At the prior nursing home, a slide board was used which didn't make my mother feel safe. At Sharon, they use a Hoyer lift which allows for a much safer transfer. After some time, my mother was approved for a power wheelchair, which allows her so much more independence. Once in this chair she can go where she wants, i.e., the sitting rooms where there are books she can borrow, newspapers she can read, and other residents she can socialize with. She is able to go to the dining area at lunch time (she has her breakfast and dinner in bed, but this is her choice), and she is able to take herself to the therapy room when they work with her. This independence is a wonderful privilege for her. All of the staff in every capacity (housekeeping, maintenance, medical, therapy, social services, financial, and administrative, etc.) treat my mother with dignity and respect. My mother is unable to speak above a whisper because her vocal chords are paralyzed due to radiation treatments she received for Lymphoma. The staff all fuss over her and talk with her every day. She enjoys these people and enjoys their joking and friendship. I try to visit my mother almost every day, and I, too, have developed a good relationship with the staff. I was a patient myself at Sharon Health Care Center in 4/17, and again in 3/18, for rehab therapy due to having both of my knees replaced. I was treated very, very well and have no complaints. My mother is 90 years old, and it is very comforting to me to know that she is receiving excellent care. I can't thank these people enough for their excellent care shown to my mother. I highly recommend the Sharon Health Care Center to anyone needing short/long term care for their loved ones.

  • Touchpoints at Farmington Farmington, Connecticut 06032

    Worse place ever!! staff ignores patients, social services only care about money not helping patients, kept calling me saying I needed to send $350 everyday for family member to stay or she needed to leave. Sent letter to kick helpless family member out when I filed an appeal with Medicare/state, touchpoints lied saying they informed family 6 days before I even received their certified letter, you only have 24hrs to appeal and I have proof of when letter was delivered to me, I called to file appeal less then 20hrs after receiving letter. VERY SHADY PLACE!!STAY AWAY FROM THIS FACILITY, DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONES HERE if I could give zero stars I would.

  • Candlewood Valley Health & Rehabilitation Center New Milford, Connecticut 06776

    Unfortunately, I was shocked totally from the way they are treating our beloved ones…This place is full with Urine smell every where, I cannot sit down at all …It is infested with bugs, the bathrooms are not clean…the food is terrible I cannot stand the smell of it, the utensils are dirty…the staff are horrible to deal with especially the Managerial they don't show up at all they put a puppy called cindi she is horrible, she is a thief and stealing the residents funds…Go and check on them…the

  • Grimes Center New Haven, Connecticut 06511

    I spent almost three months in Grimes,following an accident in which my neck and back suffered breaks.

    The admission process was a bit spotty, and my initial care seemed to be as well, depending on what shift and who was on.

    Although it did help that I had family members who were actively advocating for me as well as me advocating for myself….My care did not really improve substantially until I complained, and also was better able to physically gain some level of independence. Saying that…There are some tremendously caring staff…On the fourth floor, nurse Janice, CNA's Janet and Nadia, and the entire physical rehab department were exceptional in their care. The food service department tried to work with me regarding my diet, and the social worker helped me with some paperwork I needed assistance with. I only had one very negative experience with one CNA, who was downright bullying and rough, who I immediately reported the next day. (She should not be working with any creature who needs kindness or assistance!) Of area nursing homes, this is still one of the better ones…and I would still recommend it for care if needed. My one suggestion would be to BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE or have someone to assist you with this.

  • Advanced Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation New Haven, Connecticut 06519

    It would Not be 1 star but had to, I can tell you stories that would turn your Stomach!! All I ask is why??????? Am i BLOCKED from facebook? Truth Hurt,

    There are 2 of mine there,and Boom!,BLOCKED!? Waiting to see how long till Google is Shut Off,Ill be Back! One to start,Seems the St. Of CT. Doesn't think that a Rodent Infested building for 5 MONTHS is NOT Important,,Ill Ask?

  • Vanderman Place Willimantic, Connecticut 06226

    This nursing home has extremely dedicated and caring staff. They are under new management and have gone from 1 star to 4 stars in less than 2 years! They take the time to listen and address all of your needs. Highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking to place their family member into a nursing home!

  • Autumn Lake Healthcare at New Britain New Britain, Connecticut 06053

    Not to say anything bad but if you have a loved one there,you may want to look into a cleaner facility, understaffed, a foul order that lingires in the hallways on a daily basis,nursing staff is great, upper management is very unprofessional, constantly have to pay attention to your pay as the hr department consists of one individual who is totally not friendly when presenting an issue, facility department is so mismanaged and has a few individuals who do not even qualify to work as a dishwasher,nevermind a facility technician. Was there over a year and seemed like the longest year of my life. The director is very rude and it is basically her way or no way. If your looking for a job look elsewhere as this enviornent is very un healthy, alot of things seem to be a secret there and in time this place will be shut down as the new owners are out to flip the place and put no money into it. Overall seems more like a homeless shelter than it does a nursing home……

  • Gladeview Health Care Center Old Saybrook, Connecticut 06475

    Yes the place looks nice and does not smell like a nursing home. However, the care provided for the residents is not good. This facility is dysfunctional where supervision is concerned. The CNAs run this facility and do as they wish. The residents lay in their urine and feces for half the day and only get changed during the last rounds, which means they get tended to 1 out of 4 rounds. I know this for a fact because I was a CNA and witness to all the horrors. I would constantly complain but because the nurses could not be bothered to write an incident report the neglect would go unnoticed. I got fired for speaking my mind which apparently is frowned upon in this facility. The rate of UTI and skin breakage is extremely high in this facility due to the neglect and lack of proper cleaning. I will miss my former residents and I know they will miss me as well because I was always very good to them as it should be, but I'm also happy to be out of this dysfunctional facility.

  • Quinnipac Valley Center Wallingford, Connecticut 06492

    2 years ago when my mother was first put into this nursing home it was fine the nurses kept me updated and kept her busy. I was always informed of any issues immediately. However since they have changed names and been bought out the new nurses are not keeping in contact with me, I have been waiting over 2 weeks for an APRN to call me back regarding my mothers ultrasound this is extremely unacceptable and I plan on making a formal complaint against this facility. When Sally worked there she kept me updated constantly. My mother is in pain and not getting out of bed and no one has contacted me. I am extremely upset. Good luck if you chose this facility it may be time I move my mother!

  • Autumn Lake Healthcare at Cromwell Cromwell, Connecticut 06416

    I wouldn't bring my dog here. Food service is horrible. Same old prefab, canned food. I see more food go back to be tossed out than is eaten. Nursing is questionable, along with the AID'S and THEIR ATTITUDES. This place lacks Compassion for the residents and the patients. Lack of communication between the staff is low. Laundry service is a joke. The rundown building is horrific. If ever a fire, the 2nd and 3rd floor residents wouldn't have a chance to evacuate. The Dr. visits the facility ONCE a month to check 300+ patients??? C'mon…??

    P/T, Rehab unit, Recreation staff and the women who staff appointments and transportation are all top shelf. If I could give a Minus Rating I would.

  • Autumn Lake Healthcare at Cromwell Cromwell, Connecticut 06416

    This place isn't suitable to house a dog pound. It is run down and filthy. The staff isn't too far behind. With BIG attitude problems adorned by the Aids, and their lack of compassion for the residents, is pathetic. They cant be found even when using the call buzzer!!! So if you have an emergency you are out of luck. No one knows how to follow directions. The food is cold every day, and disgusting. More food is returned to the kitchen than is consumed. The cleanliness of the residents is horrific. They all have greasy hair and are unshaven, and their finger nails don't get clipped or cleaned. You are lucky to get your clean laundry back, labeled or not. The facility is good for 1 week after the Agency on Ageing and the Ombudsman visit. After that, all is back to the pits. I have to say that the P.T., Social Services, Recreation, and Appt. Scheduling Dept. are the only good things happening here. Patients are not a top priority.

  • Apple Rehab Saybrook Old Saybrook, Connecticut 06475

    My father developed a stage 4 pressure ulcer that went into the bone at this facility. The Physical Therapist refused to work him my dad (who had just had spinal fusion). She stated to our family at the first Care meeting that Medicare does not pay for range of motion. Needles to say we weren't the only one's shocked--plenty of the staff were wide mouthed after she voiced this. My father's Neurosurgeon and Physiatrist stated it is imperative he receive physical therapy daily within the first year after this surgery in order to gain back as much mobility as possible. When I contacted Medicare and told them what the Physical Therapist had stated in the meeting, Medicare was very concerned and said that my father was covered and should be receiving physical therapy on a daily basis. Even after they received faxes from my dad's Neurosurgeon, they still refused to treat him but they did leave there mark with the stage 4 pressure ulcer. We took my father elsewhere after this.

  • Montowese Health & Rehabilitation Center North Haven, Connecticut 06473

    Our experience at Montowese was Wonderful, and my family and I will be forever greatful. My Aunt stayed there 4 weeks after complicated stomach surgery Aug /Sept.2015. All the Nursing staff on the second floor were quite attentive and very caring, The CNA's answered her call bell timely and treated her kindly. The Nurses were excellent and made sure my aunt's pain was managed well. Her Nurse always explained to her about her medications so she knew what she was taking. The wound care nurse followed her closely and her wound healed without complication. The secretary at the desk was great. She helped us with doctor appointments and transportation. Thank You, Her physical and occupational therapy helped her get back on her feet again and regain her strength. The Discharge Nurse set up my Aunt with a visiting nurse and ordered equipment for her apartment. Recreation had 2 activities daily. The place is clean and bright, Food was good and the kitchen always accomodated my aunt with her "picky" appetite. My Aunts roomate told us she this was her 4th stay here and Montowese is the only place she'd go. We AGREE!!! We will recommend Montowese highly and return if ever the need arises A++++ Thank You again, All of you

  • Gladeview Health Care Center Old Saybrook, Connecticut 06475

    Gladeview is currently housing my grandmother for 10 days. After reading the reviews listed I agree with 1 star. The building does not smell, but the staff is very rarely visible phone calls go unanswered (at the rare chance they are answered staff if unbelievably rude!). I came for dinner the other night and absolutely every single resident looked as miserable as the could possibly get!! I can not speak to what this facility was like previously, but right now I would not place anyone in there let alone a family member. I can't wait for this 10 days to be over with. Whoever gave this facility a 5 star rating had to be an owner or business partner as I don't think even a staff member could give them a 3 on their best day with a clean conscious!! It is too late for our family to change plans and grandma will be ok we are stopping by twice a day for a couple hours bringing outside food and visitors. Please do not bring your family here especially if advanced care is needed. Generally elderly people are friendly social reasonably happy and more than willing to talk. Here they are all miserable you can see on their face in their emotions everything is just bad! all that is good is that the building is clean!

  • Amberwoods of Farmington Farmington, Connecticut 06032

    This place is terrible. My Father was a patient here for several months following surgery. After a while, we started to discover bed sores that were going undetected by staff. Family members would have to point them out to staff to be treated. On one occasion, it was pretty severe. Staff turnover appears to be fairly high as well.

  • Essex Meadows Health Center Essex, Connecticut 06426

    I can't say enough about the wonderful care I received while a rehab patient after a hip replacement. The physical facility is clean and beautifully furnished, making you feel more comfortable while recovering. The staff work well as a team and keep you as a patient informed of treatment, nourishment and medications, all with a genuine caring attitude. All patients are treated with kindness and dignity. The food menu selections are many and nicely presented. Not only am I returning for physical therapy on an outpatient basis, I plan to become a volunteer as I near recovery.

  • Apple Rehab Mystic Mystic, Connecticut 06355

    I'll give you the good first; The staff (so far 3 wks) seems nice.

    Location great.

    Now for the facility…completely and utterly TIRED! The wallpaper, the paint…the carpeting (major ew)…the furniture. I will bet the last time they did anything was 1995…if that!

    You know Brian Foley (who now gives the Irish a bad name) the owner is raking in the bucks…hand over fist…and yet he isn't compelled to make the surroundings for our loved ones…warm and inviting.

    Oh and the food? SCARY!

    I think it's rude to be making millions and not giving a crap what your facilities look like!

  • Montowese Health & Rehabilitation Center North Haven, Connecticut 06473

    The Montowese Health and Rehabilitation Center in North Haven, CT. website boasts:

    “Our First Priority…Is You.” “Your Recovery Is Our Specialty.”

    I am compelled to write this review of the Montowese Rehabilitation Center because I am appalled at the substandard care my good friend and next door neighbor received while a patient there and to warn others to take heed.

    For several years, I worked at Yale New Haven Hospital in the Emergency Department. The staff and patient care delivered at Yale is of the highest professional standard. Everything that Yale New Haven Hospital patient care is, Montowese Rehab patient care is not.

    My neighbor was transferred to Montowese Rehab from Yale New Haven Hospital in November 2014 following a car accident that resulted in a broken leg. Without daily visits from my wife and me and an urgent telephone call to the Medical Director, Dr. Bjorn Ringstad, I am certain that my neighbor would have died there due to inadequate care and neglect.

    His deterioration over the course of his stay was staggering and this was a man who until the car accident, was healthy, full of life, took care of all of his own needs, lived at home, and was 100% independent.

    The following is a list of observations and experiences my wife and I had while my neighbor was a patient at Montowese Rehab:

    • When his mail and other personal belongings disappeared, little concern was expressed by staff and little to no efforts were made by staff to locate these items.

    • When his dentures were lost or thrown out, never to be recovered. Again, little concern was expressed and little to no effort was made by staff to locate his dentures.

    • Frequently, no water was available to him. Oftentimes upon daily visits, an empty water bottle or empty cup sat on his bed table. I repeatedly told staff that my neighbor had a history of becoming dehydrated and that insuring that he was taking fluids was critical to his recovery.

    • Many times an open bottle of urine was on his bed table next to his food, both lunch and dinner.

    • It took three requests over the course of three days to schedule him a haircut. The third request required insistence and then watching to insure that the appointment was entered into the appointment book.

    • Daily physical therapy stopped without explanation and no one could answer why, despite numerous inquiries to numerous staff, including supervisory staff. Physical therapy then mysteriously returned.

    • Throughout his entire stay, information regarding his status, what would be happening next and a short and long term plan was never thoroughly explained or discussed, despite numerous inquiries.

    • In December 2014, when I called and asked to speak to the staff person in charge of the entire facility, I was forwarded to an APRN. After speaking to this APRN for approximately 15 minutes outlining my concerns and asking questions, she still didn’t know who I was talking about.

    • On more than one occasion, when I entered my neighbor’s room for a visit, he was lying on his bed with his genitals exposed.

    • On several visits, medication was on his bed table untaken. When I inquired to staff, no one took responsibility or seemed particularly concerned.

    • Appointments were made for my neighbor to be seen by an orthopedic physician in Milford, requiring a medical chair car be scheduled for transportation. No staff took the initiative or responsibility to schedule transportation and subsequently appointments were missed.

    • When my neighbor contracted Pneumonia during his stay, he continued to lay flat on his back all day, despite best medical practice that he be sitting up to support his breathing. When I asked about this, I was met with, “Oh yea, he shouldn’t be lying flat,” yet the following day he was again lying flat.

    • My entire experience with the discharge planners was contemptible. The first time I asked the discharge planner, “What is the short and long term plan for my neighbor?”, I was met with an annoyed, impatient, dismissive, rude, abrupt, and unprofessional attitude and response. At subsequent times when I telephoned the discharge planner with a question, I was told I would be called back. No return telephone calls ever came. Furthermore, I inquired about and was told by the discharge planner that Veteran benefits would be explored, as my neighbor was in the military for 24 years. No inquiry was ever made to the Veteran’s Administration and when I asked, no explanation as to why was offered. Furthermore, when the Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) nurse who had been periodically checking in on my neighbor prior to the car accident called to speak to the discharge planner regarding the discharge plan, the discharge planner hung up the telephone on her.

    • In addition, in December 2014, I was told by the discharge planner that my neighbor would be discharged and returning home by Christmas. No plan was made for his return home and so he did not return home. When I asked why this plan had changed, I was given no explanation and again no one seemed particularly concerned or took responsibility for the change.

    • Credit should be given where credit is due. Nurse Glenn Parisi was attentive, informed and professional in his care and interest of my neighbor. My wife and I thank Mr. Parisi for his efforts on behalf of my neighbor’s well-being during his stay at Montowese.

    Unfortunately and alarmingly, with the exception of a few staff, the overall depth of staff incompetence and poor attitude that I encountered at Montowese Rehab was both disturbing and cause for significant concern. With few exceptions, both floor staff and supervisory staff were minimally aware or appeared disinterested in my neighbor’s recovery or well-being while a patient there. There was a lot of “Pass the buck” or “Someone will call you” or lackadaisical attitude toward my neighbor’s needs and recovery. Ongoing and more effective oversight into Montowese’s substandard practices and lack of best practices clearly is long overdue. Read some of the other reviews online. Clearly, the above outlined poor patient care practices at Montowese Rehabilitation in North Haven are not unique to my neighbor.

    When my neighbor’s Medicaid ran out in February 2015, he was promptly discharged.

    Three weeks later he was dead.

  • Autumn Lake Healthcare at Cromwell Cromwell, Connecticut 06416


    I would give zero stars, but I…

    I would give zero stars, but I cannot. My brother was dying of cancer and sent there. The building is OK, but the staff is full of incompetent liars. He was on a pain pump for spinal cord pain. They had no clue on how to use it. They turned it off by mistake, didn't put the correct dosage in, had no one available to program it, etc etc. At one point, only a few days before he died, I had to tell one of the nurses to speak nicely to him - WTF - he was dying of cancer! They called us at 3:30AM to meet him at the hospital because he was bleeding out of his rectum. EMERGENCY! When we got the hospital they said there was no blood or even blood residue so the hospital was sure it was a mistake on Aurora's part. A MISTAKE that some one is bleeding from there? What??? ALso when he was in the worst pain ever I asked the nurse to check the chart and make sure that his dose for pain meds couldn't go up. She swore she already looked and it was at his max. SURPRISE - she really didn't check and he was in pain for another 8 hours until some one else came on and checked and saw the dose could be increased. They consistently were mean and disrespectful to my dying brother and our entire family. They constantly screwed up the medical orders and forgot to give pills for pain on time. Ouch! I wouldn't send any one there . Oh yeah, and when he finally died, we told them we would be there in an hour to get his stuff so don't bother packing anything. They went through his stuff in that hour and put all of his stuff in bags. Now things are missing - thanks a lot!

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  • Apple Rehab Rocky Hill Rocky Hill, Connecticut 06067

    Do NOT bring your family here! This place doesn't even deserve one star. I visited my grandpa here and the first thing the staff did was offer pie or a cupcake with lunch when my grandpa is on a diabetic diet. When I reminded them, they said "oh…so fruit?" It took 20+ minutes for a nurse to respond to a man who rang his alarm in the room next to my grandpa's and I overheard one aide acknowledge the alarm and say, "not my patient" and go back to texting. My grandpa wasn't given his meds and after we saw how much he had deteriorated in three days (he came in being able to eat by himself and left not being able to hold a fork without spilling food everywhere--and NO ONE helped him eat), we brought him back to the hospital that day. The thing is… No aides noticed. Meagan was the only competent and kind one. One night an aide yelled at him because he spilled his water and another one called him needy when he needed help sitting up in bed. when he got to the hospital he said his bottom hurt. Turns out he had sores from being left in a wheelchair for hours. One aide asked how many children my grandpa had. When he responded, she said she'd shoot herself if she was one of his kids. My grandpa buzzed an aide, 10 min later one came in. He said he needed to use the bathroom. She said she'd be back shortly. She ended up coming back an hour later. He was scared to be left there alone. The state needs to come in and do a thorough investigation. This is so much more than negligence. I fear for any person who is in this facility and doesn't have family members frequently visiting. I can't imagine what would've happened to my grandfather if we didn't visit him as often as we did.