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  • Life Care Center of Stonegate Parker, Colorado 80134

    My two month stay at the Life Care Center of Stonegate as an inpatient was pretty good. Staff was mostly adequate and some of the nurses were exceptional. So I would give that portion of the review 4 stars. And the subsequent Outpatient Physical Therapy for the next 5 months, was very helpful in his recovery. Good and friendly therapists that treated him with care and concern.

    HOWEVER… the billing department had many problems. Including very slow billing and bad information. I made the mistake of believing the coordinator of the PT section when she said that she would "Take care of everything" with insurance coverage. She came to us and told us that insurance had approved 60 visits of outpatient therapy (when they had only approved 20). He used 43 visits total, and the insurance only paid for the 20 visits. We are being billed for the remaining 23 visits and it will come out of pocket. The Director of the facility has refused to accept responsibility for Stonegate's error and will not reduce the cost to us for the portion that insurance didn't cover. They are now threatening to send us to collections for the $1600 plus bill. Part of this was my fault because I trusted them to tell me the truth, but mostly it is the outpatient therapy coordinator's fault for giving me false information on insurance coverage.

    Lesson to be learned - Don't trust anyone! Check it out for yourself.

  • Powerback Rehabilitation Lafayette Lafayette, Colorado 80026

    This “rehab” would be a joke if it were not so harmful and hurtful. Forget a pleasant healing environment, clearly the management and staff could care less. Forget competent physical therapists interested in helping you recover. Please, please do not believe anything advertised, it is a bald faced lie and I do not know why they are allowed to be open. As a current patient, I cannot wait to leave.

  • Center at Centennial, The Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

    Do not use this facility for your loved ones. My mom has dementia and was hospitalized for a blockage from there they took her to Center at Centennial (CAT.) I have been taking care of my mom for 5 years  and she loves to fall so we had to take extra precautions to keep her safe at home. The hospital also knew about her condition and decorated her with  bright red bracelets that read "HIGH  FALL RISK" and the hospitals report also had warnings of her condition and all was passed on to CAT. 2 days later my mom broke her hip in Centennials care.  The 2nd big incident was my mom has grown her hair for spiritual reasons for 6 years and because it was so knotted up and tangled that a day before her release they cut her hair to ear length. My moms hair was down to her bottom and I spent countless mornings helping my mom braid her hair and she never had knots, but the knots in her hair looked as if she was kept in bed most often. Upon her release I was given her medications most were empty they could have given her at least a weeks worth since they had newly filled meds they kept of hers and he gave me an appointment time for her surgeon for her hip and sent us home without any further instructions. I was panicked because she had come home with a catheter that I knew nothing about and when I called the doctor he commented on the unprofessional facility. There is a heavy set nurse very nasty  had yelled at me  because I decided to take my mom to the restroom after waiting an hour for someone to come help, she had an attitude after this incident and made me feel very uncomfortable.  Regardless to say my mom was nowhere near rehabilitated. My Mom is now starting to walk again thanks to our in home nursing with   BAYADA.

       we had no idea how to move my mom without hurting her. Confused from the affects of her  anesthesia

  • Powerback Rehabilitation Lafayette Lafayette, Colorado 80026

    Recently my mother spent 17 days at Powerback rehab in Lafayette.

    We were initially concerned by the reviews however we found that the 17 days went by very well for our mother. The head of physical therapy stopped by on Sunday and introduced himself and took some time to get to know mom and what moms concerns were, PT and OT was planned and the plan worked. The average response time was 3-5 minutes for a response once the call button was pressed, very acceptable.

    . We found the staff to be very caring and professional. Nursing -Dr. PA, RN, CNA, LPN were available and ready to assist. Our mom required to be moved to another facility and the case worker was very helpful for moms transfer.

    The menu or food can be changed until 6:30 pm to accommodate your loved ones eating habits. The food service was friendly and helpful, you need to remember to ask for what you may like.

    The facility is new and very nice,our do It is very hard when a family member is involved, To give a honest review, was everything perfect-no but you ask questions and try to get it corrected.

  • Life Care Center of Aurora Aurora, Colorado 80014

    I've had the pleasure of staying here for 1 week. The majority of the staff is pleasant, knowledgeable, and attentive. Almost all present with smiles. Physical therapy, Occupational therapy and Recreational therapy helped me greatly so I was able to go home quickly and safely.

    The only thing I see a need for improvement is the kitchen and dining room.

    The food is adequate. Sometimes over done. I could imagine if I were there long term it would be frustrating.

    I think the kitchen should be open an hour. Most people there need assistance and take longer to eat. It is also a social time. An extra cup of coffee while talking lifts spirits. CNA Staff should be present until everyone is returned to there room.

  • Powerback Rehabilitation Lafayette Lafayette, Colorado 80026

    AVOID!!! ZERO CARE & WORST REHAB. Social club for employees, takes hours for staff to respond to help buttons. Rehab consists of checklists "teaching" how to use a grabber, microwave tea, go up stairs. Third back surgery, all this was known. Needed place to heal and get strong. Kicked out after a few days. They know how to submit paperwork to get paid and ensure their backsides are covered.

  • Manorcare Health Services - Boulder Boulder, Colorado 80301

    My dad was in ManorCare of Boulder for 28 days following his second hospilization within a 2 months time frame, and a diagnosis of CHF. The staff and therapists at ManorCare of Boulder were excellent in the care they provided. We felt like they were working with us towards our goal of having him be able to return home (unlike the staff at the previous rehab-PowerBack- he was in after the first hospilization, whose only goal seemed to be to "move him upstairs to the long-term facility". I love the weekly meetings ManorCare holds with patients and family members. It is nice being able to discuss care and options with the entire team at once, rather than trying to track people down to get questions answered. Emily was wonderful and very supportive in arranging palliative care after my dad returned home. We felt like the staff at ManorCare truly cared about my dad as a person, and about his recovery, rather than just the $$ he was bringing in. Even though ManorCare of Boulder is further away from us than a couple of other rehab facilities covered by my parents insurance plan, we will definitely choose ManorCare again if the need arises. They come highly recommended by us.

  • Juniper Village - the Spearly Center Denver, Colorado 80211

    My family member has been a resident at the Speerly center for 25 years now. The facility is okay. He suffers from mental illness. The facility is a combination of both elderly, brain injury and mental health issues. They try their best working with the mentally ill population but fail miserably. Their hands are tied in many way as they do not provide mental health services themselves but outsource to MHCD. MHCD is okay but they are not progressive and no one is there to hold them accountable to be at the top of their game. The Speerly center provides a great service in that there is very little services in Colorado for Mentally Ill people to be cared for who cannot care for themselves; that said Speerly should be good at one thing not really really average with three different populations. My family member has almost died twice due to the average care there and currently there is a skin rash outbreak in the facility, which they have not solved yet. If you have few choices as we do; simply keep in mind that you need to over see and be vigilant to keep your family member safe and healthy.

  • Center at Centennial, The Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

    My sister was sent there after surgery. She complained multiple times of difficulty breathing, she was given an Ativan. I received a call in the middle of the night that she had died. During her one and one half day stay there she had little to no contact with staff. They do not have the training necessary to recognize when a patient is in trouble, nor do they have enough staff to do routine checks on patients. Whenever I hear "The Center at Centennial", I cringe.

  • Pearl Street Health and Rehabilitation Center Englewood, Colorado 80110

    On time medication is a rarity.

    Visits by CNA or nursing staff to check on overall needs however, once every three hours.

    I've never had a doctor visit me at Pearl Street.

    I've had only one visit by a PA in over three weeks.

    Dietary requirements for a diabetic and wound healing have never been met and I've had to order supplements from outside sources paid by me directly.

    Selections from the meal menu are accurate about one out of eight times. The cooking staff seems to be illiterate.

    After bringing up all these complaints with the RNs director of nursing (DON)and the Administrator and the Dietician plus faxing the doctor I have had no resolution.

    They're constantly running out of supplies to do my daily wound dressings and I've had to order and supplies from outside sources to make up the difference so the RNs and use them.

    Once the regular transport driver is on vacation and I requested a replacement to drive me to my appointment at the local wound clinic, Swedish hospital, and they told me The day before that everything will be taken care of but it was not. I had to reschedule that appointment for when the driver was back, off of vacation, four days later.

  • Powerback Rehabilitation Lafayette Lafayette, Colorado 80026

    My mother has been admitted to Powerback in Lafeyette twice. All I can say is they don't care about there patients at all. They care about their numbers and stats. She received on average less than 15 minutes of rehab per day. The rehab consisted of walking down the hall with her walker. She can't get out of bed without help, can't use the bathroom with out help, etc… But they say she has recovered and doesn't require any more rehab and can be discharged after 10 days. What a bunch of bull. This company cares about their numbers that's it. Some of the staff is friendly but most just complain about being overworked. On 2 occasions she didn't receive her dinner, the kitchen lost her order. What?.. Unexceptable. On every visit her water glass was completely empty. She would request her glass be filled and the AIDS comment was she will get to it when she has more time. If you want true rehab don't use Powerback go somewhere else.

  • Fort Collins Health Care Center Fort Collins, Colorado 80524

    DO NOT ALLOW A LOVED TO BE PLACED HERE!!! This place is structurally and professionally unsound. A for profit nursing home - seriously? How do you make a profit caring for persons who could not be cared for at home…? By cutting corners - with staffing, activities, living space (the center is not wheelchair accessible), basic hygiene and medical care - I could go on! We finally got my Uncle out - but it was during some investigation by the State. People lost their jobs the place is so old and poorly run. Visit and really really talk to centers BEFORE allowing a hospital to just dump your loved one and move on to the next profit they can make.

  • Summit Rehabilitation and Care Community Aurora, Colorado 80010

    The care that my mother received was poor at best. Her stay was brief but was a true eye opener for us and we hope that others will take precautions to not have to place their loved ones within this facility. We placed our mother to the center on the recommendation of the hospital. Once dischared and moved to the center things seemed to be OK (not great) but OK. We were told by all the heads of the departments that we would be taking things slow to make sure our mother who had dementia and would be comfortable. After the first week there, things were in full swing of total chaos. We were called several times to come and sit with our mother all day because the facility was not able to keep mom busy and help her adjust to a new environment (funny, we are paying the center to care for or mom but we were still doing most of the care for mom). We got to the point that we were afraid to leave her there once we were told by a couple nurses and CNA's that we needed to take our mother out and care for her ourselves. There were times that we would come to visit mom and she was dirty and even in a diaper at one point. My sister and I were thinking that this was a joke as to what we were being told all the bad things and being asked to keep everything “hushed” for fear that the nurse or CAN would lose their jobs. Then, the director of nursing decided to take matters into her hands because she really knew our mother (after 2 weeks she knew our mother) and put our mother in the locked unit (aka…unit for the criminally insane). Once in that section of the center, we called a meeting with all the department heads and asked why this happened. We were told it was for our mothers safety cause she tried to leave the facility (mind you mom could not walk 5 feet with without her oxygen) again, we were told by another department head that it was illegal to put our mother in the locked unit without our permission (which needed to be signed off by my sister and I), I called a meeting with the rehab center and asked them what was the 30/60/90 day plan and why was our mother moved without our permission. Funny that is when all the finger pointing started. Every excuse in the book was given. At that point we had mom discharged, and brought home where she passed about 8 weeks later. We really feel that the care that was given to her during her stay was poor to the point that her dementia progressed even faster because the facility did not realize that she was experiencing terminal anxiety (director of nursing should have seen that).

    So our recommendation is to NOT place any loved one at Summit. Sadly, I don’t have enough room to put everything that happened and believe me you would be scared as we were. And now we are sad because our mother is gone way too soon. She had at least another year of life if we had not placed her in this place.

  • Powerback Rehabilitation Lakewood Denver, Colorado 80227

    Severely understaffed. My father was there for a week and in that time they managed to make his condition worse by not treating as there were instructed. The people are caring but not enough of them. He was told not to get out of bed by himself but could get no one to help him to bathroom. I have never seen a bed that you could not raise the foot on unless you went under the mattress to put a bar in place which would then have to be removed manually and considering the staffing issues you may have to wait a long time for that. The building is very nice and the rooms are nice but they need to put more money into the staff.

  • Pearl Street Health and Rehabilitation Center Englewood, Colorado 80110

    I could never recommend this facility to anyone who is looking for good care for their loved one. The staff is unpleasant, unprofessional and uncaring. I have only visited a few times because I live several hours away. My father has a phone but I have never been able to reach him since he is in a wheelchair and it is out of his reach. Asking the nurses or CNAs on his floor to help get him on the line rarely works. It surprises me that they don't know his name when I ask for him. The facility is quite small and he's been there over three years. He sits in a wheelchair in a hallway alll day looking at the elevator. I left voice mails with Karen Kahler, the director, in order to work out a solution where my father could be reached by phone and she doesn't return phone calls. This is sad because my father has no local visitors. I think it shows a lack of compassion on the staff's side as well. It did not surprise me today when I saw that Medicaid and Medicare rate this facility in the bottom twenty percent of facilities in the state of Colorado.

  • Boulder Manor Boulder, Colorado 80303

    Horrible, if a zero star rating was available its what I'd give. They drugged and neglected my loved one. I would let the phone ring for 45minutes without being answered. No one cares about anything going on there including the administration. I would never recommend anyone to go there. The nurse lied to my face about things i had discovered were going on. My loved one wasn't bathed or put in clean clothes for a week.

  • Cheyenne Mountain Center Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

    This nursing home is the poorest I have ever seen. The nurses or CNA's do not respond readily to a ring. The food is only adequate. They do not share the care of the patient with the family and keep the family in the dark, nor do they respond to telephone calls. The social service assistant seems to be in charge and is very interested in the personal business of the patient and goes out of her way to be rude or ineffective as to the reason the patient was sent there to begin with. If there is a manager she is not available nor does she respond to her calls. Patients go for days without a change of clothes so I do not know if they are bathed or whatever. The medications the patient is given leave a lot to be dwelled on since the patient no longer has their own physician involved in their care. I would strongly suggest that if anyone has someone in need of a rehabilitation that they look elsewhere. I also would recommend that they look at the other comments against this facility.

  • Powerback Rehabilitation Lakewood Denver, Colorado 80227

    I was at Powerback Lakewood for almost 2 weeks, departing mid December 2015. I had a Total hip replacement and live alone thus the need for inpatient rehab. I am very lucky as I had family and numerous friends to make sure I had what I needed. I was fully capable of requesting what I needed. Obtaining what I needed was, at times, impossible.

    Friends……do not go to this facility unless you have no alternative. The food is inedible. The only way the food could be this bad is if a deliberate effort was made to prepare awful food. 1970's TV dinners would have been much better than the junk these folks put out. My pain meds were messed up 2 times leaving me in total agony. No worries they apologized. One time I caught a mistake in the medication I was given….a duplicate dose was offered. Numerous times nurses left narcotic pain killers with me without watching me take the medication. Not an issue with me. If I was a depressed person I could have OD'd on these meds. When frustrated with my requests they failed to answer the call button….I believe this is not legal. They do have some physical therapists who care and do a good job. Nonetheless this facility failed with basic care on a daily basis. In the end I did get some physical therapy that was helpful. I got nearly 2 weeks of time to heal before returning home. Other than that………the care was a huge disappointment. I suggest you avoid this facility.

  • Briarwood Health Care Center Denver, Colorado 80206

    When looking into this home for my mom I was told it is a four star place…I could only find ratings from a few years ago.. But never go by their chosen ratings. No one means ill harm in this place, the nurses are kind and just out of school. So many of the cna s have so many excuses for there not being able to do things. My mother never on a regular basis had her teeth brushed, face washed daily until hospice. Too many times she did not get fed in my absence, I had to write every order for medicine and even had to discontinue her high blood pressure medicine because they were giving it to her for a b/p of 83/60…. There is no accountability and definitely a total lack of communication.. The first 2 weeks there she lost 8 pounds because no one was feeding her..they lost her dentures and now has to eat. This place is for the elderly that do not have families to check up on them.. So sad everyone deserves to be treated like they are their mothers or grandmothers…..unfortunately this is a place to die not to live out your life…on the upside the activities director is awesom and they did put fresh paint and new carpet up but they are not trained in elderly care and their needs. Everyone is very nice and I like 90percent of them but it is truly disjointed

  • Walsh Healthcare Center Walsh, Colorado 81090

    Just a wonderful facility. The staff makes it all possible. I've never been in a facility where the administration and nursing staff have been so kind, caring, loving, compassionate, gentle and friendly. They immediately become like family. Can't say enough great things. Thank you for the exceedingly wonderful care for my Father in his final days.